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Harvey Weinstein: Witness describes how he trivialized

 Harvey Weinstein: Witness describes how he trivialized he has already been sentenced to 23 years in prison - and is currently in the middle of the second process. Harvey Weinstein has to answer for his hideous acts in Los Angeles these days in Los Angeles. Several witnesses have already reported how they were forced by the Hollywood mogul for sexual activities and abused by him. Now another woman was called to the witness stand, who described very detailed, which the 70-year-old crowded her-and how he spoke his offenses.

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Harvey Weinstein (70), which has already been sentenced to a prison sentence of 23 years for repeated rape and sexual abuse Now also in court in Los Angeles since mid -October. For around three weeks, the alleged victims of the film producer in room 110 of the "Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center" have been in the witness stand , where they describe their traumatic experiences with the former Hollywood producer and, sometimes extremely disturbing details about Weinstein's sexual assault .

Since the start of the trial, the headlines have increased and the negotiation sometimes takes unexpected turns. With witness Kelly Sipherd, for example, who accuses the film tycoon of two-time rape, had doubts about her credibility to . Another of his victims, "Jane Doe #1" (a cover name), had to hand over by Weinstein's lawyer to the toilet after a tough cross -life . And an realistic drawing of the naked body Harvey Weinstein ensured laughter in court - although the content of the negotiations is anything but entertaining.

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Harvey Weinstein: Do Model Claudia Salinas drove one of his victims in his arms?

On Wednesday (November 9th) a young woman was called to the witness stand that is suspected of being a secret complicity of the film mogul. Influencer and Model Claudia Salinas (39) is said to be one of Weinstein's alleged victims that uses the cod name "Jane Doe #2", as " Fig. ", lured into the hands of the accused and led them into his bathroom on a hotel room . There, the star producer is said to have satisfied herself before Salinas was waiting at the door.

The 39-year-old denied any allegations against himself in court. Her relationship with Weinstein was purely professional, in 2003 she met him, at that time as a drama student, at a dinner in New York and gave him her number. So she is said to have said it in court. And further: "That was normal for me. So I got to know a lot of people at the time. I always passed on my number." Salinas clearly denies sexual contact between her and wine stone. Also, she also doesn't remember ever being alone with the film producer in a hotel room.

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Claudia Salinas is asked: "Was it your business model to procure women for Mr. Weinstein?"

At the witness stand, prosecutor Paul Thompson of Salinas wanted to know: "How often did you arrange meetings with others in my mid-20-year-olds for Weinstein?" Your defiant answer: "I've never arranged meetings for him." Nevertheless, she admits that Lauren Young alias "Jane Doe" once invited to a meeting with Weinstein. The reason: As a prospective actress, it was a good chance for Young. "She was a nice girl and I thought it was a nice gesture of mine to make her contact," said Salinas.

Harvey Weinstein's lawyer Mark Werkman afterwards: "Was it your business model to procure women for Mr. Weinstein who have sex with him? Were you working as a pimp for Mr. Weinstein?" - What Salina's "Bild" "" replied with a mischievous smile ":" Absolutely not. "

Whether Salinas is charged with complicity is still open at the present time. Just like the outcome of the process, in which Harvey Weinstein could continue to bloom a potential sentence of up to 140 years - in addition to the 23 years for which the courts in New York have already condemned him.

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In the video below you will find out the background of the trial start in Los Angeles and what the negotiations are about in court.

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