US: IDF: Office vacancy is growing, what to fill the housing shortage?

Cyber police hacked beyond court order Case 3000

  Cyber police hacked beyond court order Case 3000 State prosecution revealed that there were at least three instances where a probe by the cyber police unit seized cell phone data beyond what was approved by court order. Defense lawyers called the revelation outrageous and demanded that the state bring charges against those police officials involved.They said that to date the state and the courts have mostly downplayed the significance of the violations of defendants' rights and that this apathy could not continue.

There are more and more empty offices in the Ile-de-France region, and this is perhaps good news for Ile-de-France housing. “Recent developments, teleworking, Flex-office broadcast (absence of a fixed office, editor's note), were an opportunity for companies to optimize their real estate strategies, increasing the vacancy of offices by 2.6 million m2 at the end of 2019 , just before the crisis, at 4.4 million m2 in mid-2022, including half a million on vacation of more than two years, "notes the IPR, this urban planning agency, financed mainly by the Ile region Ile -of France. Offices represent 53% of housing converted from 2013 to 2021 in Ile-de-France.

More FFXIV Housing Wards Planned for Patch 6.3 Update

  More FFXIV Housing Wards Planned for Patch 6.3 Update Square Enix will continue addressing Eorzea’s housing difficulties in its new Final Fantasy XIV update by adding more homes. The FFXIV housing adjustments are planned for Patch 6.3. These will expand the pool of available housing for all players. Housing has always been a difficult issue in Final Fantasy XIV, due to its limited available supply compared with the number of players that want a place of their own. The FFXIV housing update scheduled to accompany Patch 6.3 will add more wards to all of the game’s residential areas. Overall six regular wards and six subdivisions will be added, totaling 1,800 new housing plots per World server.

In addition to the offices, there are also concerns by this retraining, commercial premises, storage, industrial and agricultural buildings, as well as public buildings (administrative, school, etc.) or air car parks.

“Zan and Zen objectives (zero net artificialisation and zero net emission, editor's note), the obsolescence of part of the buildings, teleworking, the necessary densification of the city (…) constitute a context particularly favorable to the development Transformations of non -residential buildings into housing, ”recall the authors.


but important brakes exist, in particular the fact that a building building "generates more tax revenue while weighing less on local public services".

In addition, these operations are more expensive than largely majority destruction-construction operations. Investors will have to "initiate more expensive technical studies, to which are added risks of greater unforeseen events, the possible presence of asbestos, different standards, loss of areas, etc. ».

Crude emails reveal nasty side of a California beach city's crusade to halt growth

  Crude emails reveal nasty side of a California beach city's crusade to halt growth Bill Brand, the mayor of Redondo Beach, has amassed power on a slow-growth platform. Now, a series of emails involving him and supporters are heightening criticism about their tactics.The South Bay coastal city of 70,000 blocked a $400-million remake of its waterfront, reduced the size of proposed apartment buildings by dozens of units and even prohibited the construction of mixed-use residential and commercial projects in the city for a year.

For the IPR, it is possible to "double" these conversions in the short term, with support for the sector.

Between 2013 and 2021, 1,900 dwellings were authorized each year in retraining of activity buildings in Ile-de-France. Two-thirds of the conversions are in Paris and in a small crown, especially due to the high price per m² which makes these operations more profitable.

In addition, 36 % of the accommodation was converted into residences with services, mainly in student residences or social vocation residences.

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