US: at the Assizes of Rouen, 22 and 17 years of imprisonment for having dismembered a man

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La Cour d'assises de Seine-Maritime a condamné Céline Vasselin et Jessica Adam à respectivement 22 et 17 années de réclusion pour avoir en 2018 tué et démembré Sliman Amara près de Rouen © Loic Venance The Assize Court of Seine-Maritime condemned Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam respectively 22 and 17 years of imprisonment to have in 2018 Killed and dismembered Sliman Amara near Rouen

Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam, two mothers who had, in 2018 near Rouen, killed and dismembered the companion of the first, were sentenced on Saturday by the Seine-Maritime Assizes to 22 years and 17 years' imprisonment.

The two women remained impassive during the verdict statement and a third woman, tried not to have prevented the crime, was acquitted.

Céline Vasselin, 35 -year -old esthetician, and Jessica Adam, 39, a client who has become a "girlfriend", had been tried since Monday to have, on the night of November 3 to 4, 2018 in the suburbs of Rouen, drugged, killed by Assessment and dismembered Sliman Amara with whom Céline Vasselin had a son three years earlier.

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After the announcement of the verdict, Céline Vasselin's lawyer, Me Sandra Gosselin said he was "satisfied that a court of assizes considered that psychological violence can take into account the quantum of a sentence ".

Me Gosselin has "the feeling that the doors of the house of Sliman and Céline finally opened", she who had repeated several times during the trial that the intra -family violence that her client said he had suffered during her relationship with Mr. Amara, always carried out "closed doors".

Jessica Adam's lawyer, Vincent Beux Prére told him about "just, suitable, mild".

"This leniency, which she really deserved, has two reasons: the psychological motive and the personality of Jessica Adam," said the lawyer, recalling the violence and rapes suffered by her from her stepfather when She was a child, facts for which he was condemned.

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The victim's sister's council, Frank Berton said he was "very surprised by the quantum of convictions and the leniency of the Rouen Assize Court".

- "Armed Bras" -

Lawyer General Olga Martin -Belliard had requested Friday thirty years of imprisonment against Céline Vasselin and 25 years against Jessica Adam who both incurred life imprisonment.

"I do not deny Ms. Vasselin's difficulties in her couple life with Sliman Amara but these understanding keys will never justify an assassination," said Ms. Martin-Belliard during her indictment.

As for Ms. Adam, "she was I think the armed wing that Ms. Vasselin was looking for a conscious, voluntary armed wing", according to the magistrate.

The case had started on November 4, 2018, with the discovery by the river brigade of a dismembered body and wrapped in a tarpaulin, in the Seine, a little upstream of Rouen, as well as a hand and a human calf in other municipalities the following days. The body will be identified by DNA as that of Sliman Amara.

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Arrested a few days later, his partner and his friend had quickly confessed to the scheme: toast at anxiolytic for the November 3 dinner, white weapons then the dismemberment using the previous materials previously and scattering in different points the next day.

Friday, the two thirties had tried each to minimize their influence in this macabre project. Jessica Adam said she was "well fooled" by her friend who, for her part, recalled Ms. Adam's active role in crime, the latter having gone the butcher's leaf and the stab she said Having not seen coming.

Before the Court withdrew to deliberate, Céline Vasselin said he felt "a lot of pain, for all the evil" that she "did to everyone". "I have to be sanctioned for what I did," she said.

Jessica Adam asked for forgiveness for her actions, saying "sincerely at the bottom of my heart, sorry for Sliman, for her first wife, for her family, for her children".


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