US: fixed amounts and inflation compensation for paper employees

Commentary: Slaying the inflation dragon

  Commentary: Slaying the inflation dragon Elections are rarely about only one issue, but there’s no question that economic worries motivated voters this year. Polls, both before the election and exit polling, showed that inflation was their No. 1 concern. That’s not surprising. All around the country we see the detritus of inflation’s destruction. The average family feels $7,400 poorer today than when Biden took office, largely because prices have jumped almost 14 percent. The next Congress needs to slay the beast of inflation. While that is a simple, straightforward task, it is not for the weak-willed. Once let out of Pandora’s box, inflation does not go quietly.

The approximately 40,000 employees in the German paper industry receive more money. During the negotiations in the third round in Sulzbach near Frankfurt, the tariff partners agreed to a uniform increase in all salary levels of 200 euros, which will be implemented in two steps from 2023. Fixed amounts benefit from the lower salary levels.

Zwei Arbeiter in einer Papierfabrik vor verpackten Papierrollen. © Jonas Güttler/dpa Two workers in a paper mill before packed paper rolls.

As IG BCE continued, a layer allowance is also increased by 50 percent and an inflation compensation allowance of EUR 3,000 is paid in three one -off payments. According to the Federal Government's requirements, this amount is tax and tax-free.

How Democrats Overcame Inflation In The 2022 Midterms

  How Democrats Overcame Inflation In The 2022 Midterms Democrats were able to convince voters they felt their pain, even if the economy still helped the GOP.Part of the reason for Democrats’ success is that they did not cede economic issues to Republicans, and exit polls suggest they were able to convince Americans they understood voters’ economic pain in a way the GOP could not.

IG BCE had requested that the passage allowance be doubled

according to the employers' association “The paper industry” is possible as flexible as possible in the sense of the social partnership. At least 750 euros would still be paid out this year. According to employer information, 1200 euros were agreed for trainees to mitigate the increased consumer prices. The collective agreement runs over 24 months to September 30, 2024.

the so -called passage allowance, the shift allowance for shift operation, will increase from 5.0 percent to 7.5 percent from the beginning of 2024. Employees benefit from the allowance who work around the clock in the continuous shift operation. The IG BCE had requested doubling.

Specifically, the fees will be increased by an additional 50 euros gross from January 1, 2023 by a tabular fixed amount of 150 euros gross and from April 1, 2024, as the employers further announced. According to IG BCE,

had participated in warning strikes, according to IG BCE.

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