US: Lauterbach and Corona: Captured in Kassandra role

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Warner und Mahner: Gesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) © dpa Warner and Mahner: Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD)

Although even Germany's most famous virologist sees the first sign of "The coming end of the pandemic", the Karl Lauterbach does not on. The Minister of Health continues to consider himself a top dock and Warner to "earlier" and firmly believes that another "winter wave" is recovering to the country. Lauterbach also admits that there are "indications of a defusing of the situation". However, he would prefer to stick to the insulation obligation for infected people in four and soon five federal states.

The impression is solidified that Lauterbach cannot or does not want to find out from its role as a Kassandra regardless of falling corona fall numbers and a broad basic immunization of the population. However, freedom -restricting measures such as mask obligation and isolation obligation cannot be extended as desired if the situation in the third year of pandemic has fundamentally changed. The temporarily real risk of overloading the healthcare system no longer exists. The risk of severe courses is much lower in view of a high vaccination rate and effective medication in the early stages of the disease than at the beginning of pandemic. Your end should therefore not be artificially pulled into the length.

This Bremener writes Karl Lauterbach every day - why only? .
Unusual action via Instagram This Bremen woman writes Karl Lauterbach every day - why only? © t - Online Every day Silke Nücklaus from Bremen puts a post off and addresses it directly to Karl Lauterbach. There have now become over 100 letters. But why? Silke Nücklaus has a problem. And this has been busy for a very long time.

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