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US: United Kingdom: The government is trying to stop the spread of streptococcus A

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Visualisation d'une bactérie de streptocoque au microscope. © Getty Images/ free Visualization of a Streptococcus bacteria under the microscope. British health authorities are concerned with a new epidemic, no new COVIvin wave, but infections with Streptococcus A. Eight children have died since the start of the school year, the oldest was 12 years old. The government emphasizes awareness -raising to stop spread.

With our correspondent in London,

Emeline Vin

The authorities are trying to reassure: Streptococcus A is a banal bacteria that generates serious infections in very rare cases. But they recall the symptoms that must alert: influenza syndrome, very painful throat, swollen lymph nodes, sometimes purulent rash. Children must then be taken care of immediately and undergo antibiotic treatment.

The authorities reassure

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every year, cases of infections are identified, generally in the spring; But the season arrives almost three months in advance this year, and at rates five times higher at the pre-Pandemic levels. Successive confinements since 2020 have been able to lead to a weakening of the most vulnerable immune system, especially children.

For the moment, the health authorities reassure the state of antibiotic stocks: the United Kingdom is not on alert, even if pharmacists are invited to make reservations. They do not recommend the isolation of classes with a case of Streptococcus A infection.

Secretaries of State for Health and Education evoke this Tuesday, December 6, the possibility of placing students under antibiotics preventively.

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