US: ADAC declares natural gas to be the best climate-friendly car drive

Scott Disick surprises Sofia Richie with a new car for her 21st birthday

Scott Disick surprises Sofia Richie with a new car for her 21st birthday Scott Disick gives Sofia Richie an Aston Martin for her 21st birthday.

According to a study by the ADAC, natural gas-powered cars are currently the least harmful to the climate. Compared to petrol, diesel and electric cars that run on the current electricity mix, natural gas-powered cars do the best.

ADAC erklärt Erdgas zum Autoantrieb mit bester Klimabilanz © Photo: Patrick Seeger Cars with natural gas drive are currently the least harmful to the climate, according to a study by the ADAC.

This applies if you add up all relevant over the entire life cycle of the car. Only an electric car with 100 percent renewable electricity would have a significantly better climate footprint than a natural gas powered car, as the ADAC announced.

The research institute evaluated the CO2 emissions of cars in the so-called golf class, which drive 15,000 kilometers per year and have a total lifespan of 15 years. According to ADAC, the production of batteries, in which many greenhouse gases would be released, has a particularly negative impact on electric cars - in addition to the share of lignite and hard coal in the German electricity mix. The worst performers in the study were petrol engines, followed by diesel cars and e-cars, which were almost on a par.

The result included the greenhouse gas emissions that arise during the manufacture and recycling of the vehicles, as well as the emissions that are released during the production, provision and consumption of the fuel.

There are always discussions about investigations into the carbon footprint of various car drives. One of the reasons for this is that there is little public primary data, especially for battery production, and that different framework conditions of the studies can lead to different results.

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