US: Covid-19 - "I'm going to flee, even if I have to lose my work": the anxiety of French high school teachers from abroad, forbidden repatriation

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Malgré une situation sanitaire qui ne cesse de se dégrader, les enseignants français sont bloqués en Inde. © Adnan Abidi / Reuters despite a health situation that does not cease To deteriorate, French teachers are blocked in India.

Airline tickets are taken. Saturday, May 15, Philippe *, Professor at the French High School of Pondicherry, India, will flee to France, at the risk of being accused of abandonment. Schools are closed, but teachers have been summoned to provide remote courses from their country of assignment, regardless of the situation on the spot. "I will not wait for them to completely close the borders. Delhi's nightmare approaches southern India. Yesterday, there were 2000 new cases and 30 dead in the city. Hospitals are already saturated. ", is he worried. A French high school teacher from Bombay also planned to return in early June. "I already do my classes at the French hour because most of my students are already in Europe! We could very well have our distance classes from France, is. We are locked up at home, terrorized with the idea of ​​catching the disease and not being able to be treated. "

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Since an unprecedented epidemic wave plunges India into Chaos , expatriates are summoned to leave the country at most quickly. The French employees of the Renault de Chennai factory were repatriated last week, like many private sector workers. "The refusal of repatriation (teachers, NDLR) is justified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of 'Pedagogical Continuity'. But if I have to do my distance classes at 4 o'clock in the morning, I'll do it! " is Philippe.

may lose his

station on site, the situation empires. In India "It is virtually impossible to avoid being contaminated" , said François Delhaye, Ambassador of Belgium, while the Asian giant has exceeded Tuesday the bar of the 250,000 dead of the coronavirus. "An employee of the high school lost his wife and his father, and can not return to France on pain of losing his work. It's terrible ", pursues Philippe.

Death toll soars to 50 in school bombing in Afghan capital

  Death toll soars to 50 in school bombing in Afghan capital KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The death toll in a horrific bombing at a girls’ school in the Afghan capital has soared to 50, many of them pupils between 11 and 15 years old, the Interior Ministry said Sunday. The number of wounded in Saturday's attack has also climbed to more than 100, said Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian. Three explosions outside the school entrance struck as students were leaving for the day, he said. The blasts occurred in a mostly Shiite neighborhood in the west of the capital. The Taliban denied responsibility, condemning the attack.

rare are the teachers to testify in face discovered because the assignments in high schools abroad are sometimes difficult to win. To be accused of post-abandonment amounts to taking the risk of losing its place. "Some took years to get a position in Delhi's French high school, where their children are educated, where spouses have a job. It's blackmail ", Judge Jean-Baptiste Faucille, Professor in the French Lycée de Mumbai. A French, fifty-friendly teacher and comorbidities, is concerned about not being able to return to France to be treated, says Philippe. Another, he continues, returned to France and was summoned to come back for the fall of the classes on May 17th.

" The AEFE Guidelines The French Education Agency (AEFE) are those of the Orsay dock: civil servants must stay on site. We understand why in the case of members of consular administrations, but concerning teachers whose schools are closed? It is facing a pure and hard administrative blockage , "deplores Patrice Soldat, National Secretary of the SNES-outside France (National Union of Second Degree Teachings). After writing a letter to the Embassy, ​​teachers over 55 years of comorbidities have obtained the right to be repatriated and special cases are discussed with their hierarchy, confirmed the AEFE in Figaro.

Congo volcano's lava flows short of regional capital .
GOMA, Congo (AP) — Congo’s Mount Nyiragongo unleashed lava that destroyed homes on the outskirts of Goma, but witnesses said Sunday that the city of 2 million had been mostly spared after the volcano erupted at night and sent thousands fleeing in panic. Residents said there was little warning before the dark sky turned a fiery red, leading to fears that the eruption could cause the same kind of devastation as the last time in 2002 when hundreds died. There was no official word on how many may have been killed amid the scramble to flee the city late Saturday. © Provided by Associated Press Congo Volcano The U.N.

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