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US: Carlos Sainz: Starting on soft was not a big handicap

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Carlos Sainz im Ferrari SF21 mit Soft-Reifen in Austin: Ging besser als gedacht © Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21 with soft tires in Austin: went better than meaning

who has to go into the top 10 with soft tires, has in the first stint usually a heavy booth in the race. Not so Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz at the USA-Grand Prix in Austin : He lost a position to McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo in the starting round, but then wacker against the competition on medium And first stopped the sixth place.

That had expected Sainz himself, as he retrieves: "Surprisingly, we have succeeded in making a medium from the soft, with more grip."

It was already started at the ride in the starting fact that soft no handicap must be. "I already had a good feeling," says Sainz. "And then I also realized: Soft would not be a problem in the race because the balance in the car and the behavior of the tires were better than thought."

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Ricciardo did not get and lost against Bottas

he did not strain the tires for a fee, emphasizes Sainz. "At the end of the stint, I was even faster than the McLaren on medium. I also had less tire wear than she and even attacked."

Then the sheet turned: On Hard, Sainz did not succeed to overtake Ricciardo on the track. An attempt fails spectacular than the duo touched and praised Sainz Ricciardo to be "dirty" on the road.

After that Sainz had to look more in his rearview mirrors instead of forward: from behind, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas pressed. "I defended myself a few rounds against him," says Sainz.

"He's sitting in a Mercedes, so you can imagine that it is quite difficult to keep him at a distance. After five, six round but overheated my tires, because I had taken them too much against Ricciardo. And then he grabbed it Me with Drs, with a pretty clean, simple maneuver in his part. I could not hold him. "

above is also spoken in the paddock of Austin

 above is also spoken in the paddock of Austin Lewis Hamilton can further polish his famose Austin's balance? Does the defending champion conquer the World Cup lead? Or remains max stages at the top? At the Grand Prize of the USA, a lot is offered again. Sporty a spectacle, thoroughly. A taste of more motorsport premier class in America? © Eric Gay / ap / dpa celebrate the Ferrari pilots Carlos Sainz (L) from Spain and Charles Leclec from Monaco. The Formula 1 and the US Austin brought back the USA 2012 back to the racing calendar.

Ferrari team boss: Bad pit stop was guilt!

at least a partial debt for this loss of space but Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto looks at his team. You did not manage to overtake Ricciardo about the strategy, although one had the opportunity to do so.

At the second tire change in Round 27, Sainz was too long at the box and lost just 2.8 seconds on Ricciardo, who came to the service shortly thereafter. "Pity," says Binotto. "That shows how stops: It depends on the details."

The team boss continues: "The pit stop not only cost us the position against Ricciardo, but also against Bottas in the end. Because if our strategy had risen, then Carlos would end the race before Ricciardo."

But Sainz was waving as a seventh, still behind Ricciardo and Bottas, but after all before the second McLaren driver Lando Norris. Therefore, Ferrari has caught up in the constructor rating of Formula 1 a few points on McLaren.

Verstappen dominates Hamilton in Mexico Grand Prix practice .
Max Verstappen dominated practice at the Mexico Grand Prix on Friday, ending the session over a half a second ahead of world champion and title rival Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari's Carlos Sainz, 1.017sec back from two-time Mexico GP winner Verstappen, filled out the top five. "It was a solid session for us," Red Bull boss Christian Horner told Sky Sports."Both drivers are starting to find a setup that they're liking, the short runs and long runs look reasonable. "I think Mercedes have still got a bit in the pocket so I don't think we've seen their full potential, but focusing on ourselves it was a reasonable day.

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