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US: Give thanks – and pass the pumpkin pie ????

Analysis: Americans aren't feeling relief from Biden's big Washington victory

  Analysis: Americans aren't feeling relief from Biden's big Washington victory If it was just about selling Americans on the infrastructure law, Democrats might have a hope. © Evan Vucci/AP President Joe Biden speaks during a visit to the NH 175 bridge over the Pemigewasset River to promote infrastructure spending Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021, in Woodstock, N.H. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) As the White House struggles to pitch President Joe Biden's big infrastructure win -- a bipartisan law that may actually deserve the over-used description "historic" -- ahead of next year's midterms, its political salesmanship is already coming under fire.

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving. Here's a special roundup of stories to get your holiday weekend started right. ????


Laura here, wishing you all health and happiness on Thanksgiving – and every day. And food, lots of good food. I'm thankful for every Short List reader.

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The roots

Before they're served piles of turkey and pie, kids often hear the story of the first Thanksgiving – how Pilgrims and Native Americans came together to feast and count their blessings. But most aren't told native people likely outnumbered English colonists 2-to-1 at the harvest feast in 1621. Nor do they usually learn just how much Pilgrims relied on the native Wampanoag tribe during those tough early days. Learn more about the real roots of Thanksgiving: Rethinking what happened 400 years ago at the first feast in Plymouth.

MMQB: How the Chiefs' Defense Helped Turn the Season Around; More From Week 11

  MMQB: How the Chiefs' Defense Helped Turn the Season Around; More From Week 11 Patrick Mahomes hasn't been putting up the point totals we're accustomed too, but a healthier D has Kansas City back in first place. I’m sure Andy Reid wouldn’t have minded seeing Sunday’s game look a little different than it did. Maybe in a perfect world, Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t have been taking big shot after big shot from Micah Parsons, the NFL’s newest freak-show defender. I’m sure he didn’t want four of his offense’s first eight possessions ending without a single first down. And the turnovers he, or any football coach, could do without.

  • Native food is more than a Thanksgiving spread. What Indigenous chefs want you to know about their incredibly diverse cuisine.
  • What do Native Americans really think about Thanksgiving? Here's what Indigenous people said about the holiday.

The feast

I don't know about you, but I've been thinking about Thanksgiving for a couple weeks now, and I'm ready to eat. Whether you're chowing down around a table with family, celebrating Friendsgiving, or doing your own thing, here's a healthy serving of tips and tricks to make it the best day ever.

  • Cranberry sauce is in high demand for Thanksgiving. But why are Ocean Spray cans upside down?
  • What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Here's what people are Googling in your state.
  • Cranberries, stuffing – or is it dressing – and turkey, oh my! Why do some Thanksgiving foods divide the dinner table?
  • When deep-frying a turkey goes wrong: Experts explain how to stay safe this Thanksgiving.
  • Another option: Takeout on Thanksgiving. Cracker Barrel, Denny's and more offer meal specials to eat at home. Tip: Bring your own pan if you don't want anybody to know where that mac n' cheese came from.
  • Eat too much? It's OK. Here's why 'overindulging' at your Thanksgiving dinner isn't a big deal.
  • The best holiday for leftovers: Here's a fool-proof cheat sheet to reheating food.
  • If you need to hit a store, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot are closed on Thanksgiving but CVS and Walgreens are open. See the list.
  • And if you end up with a nightmare in the kitchen, don't fret. What restaurants are open Thanksgiving? Starbucks, McDonald's are, but Chipotle and Chick-fil-A are closed. Check out the list here.
The dishes Americans add to their Thanksgiving dinner © USA TODAY graphic The dishes Americans add to their Thanksgiving dinner

The ties that bind us

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to gather together and celebrate those most important to us, and all the things we're thankful for. But we're all human. Read on for conversation starters and ways to navigate the day if things get awkward.

Green Bay Packers retain faith in Mason Crosby, 'absolutely will not' change kickers this season

  Green Bay Packers retain faith in Mason Crosby, 'absolutely will not' change kickers this season Mason Crosby has missed eight of his last 14 field goal attempts, a stunning slide that would cause many teams to question its kicker.LaFleur didn’t hesitate to send Crosby onto the field for a 54-yard field goal. The veteran kicker, embattled in his 15th season, split the uprights to give the Packers a 3-0 lead over Minnesota.

  • Grandma accidentally invited a stranger to Thanksgiving. Now, they're "all set for year 6."
  • Is it PEA-can or puh-CON? This Thanksgiving, remember the traditions – and pies – that bind us.
  • Home for the holidays? Here's what to do when your family hates your partner.
  • It happens. Here's how to navigate those uncomfortable questions at your holiday dinner table.
  • Make it better. Here are some Thanksgiving dinner questions that are better than "What are you thankful for?"
  • Breaching the "psychological contract"? Experts say working on holidays can damage your mental health. So, take a break. You deserve it.
  • "We learn to appreciate things when we lose them." How to give thanks during a pandemic.

The party after the party

Whether you're crashing on the couch in a food coma, looking for something to watch or hitting up the stores for some sweet Black Friday deals, we've got you covered.

  • What is the history of Black Friday? It's a tale of speculation and greed, so buckle up.
  • What to watch this Thanksgiving weekend: Disney's 'Encanto,' Lady Gaga in 'House of Gucci.'
  • Best Black Friday Deals: Live tracking the best deals at Walmart, Amazon, and more.
  • Here's your weather forecast for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the trip home.

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Uniquely searched Thanksgiving casseroles by state in 2021 © Google Trends Uniquely searched Thanksgiving casseroles by state in 2021

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