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US: Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting man in a wheelchair, officials say

Police tie car used in Young Dolph's killing to 2nd shooting

  Police tie car used in Young Dolph's killing to 2nd shooting MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Police in Tennessee have tied a car used in the killing of rapper Young Dolph to a shooting that left a woman dead and wounded another person days before the ambush on the hip-hop artist, authorities said Monday. Two men exited a white Mercedes-Benz and fired shots into a Memphis bakery where Young Dolph was buying cookies Wednesday and killed him, Memphis police said. Police have released photos taken from surveillance video that captured the shooting, but no suspect information has been released and no arrests have been made.The same car was used in a Nov.

Police officer tackles handicapped man in wheelchair . Not the fearful cult of shooting first, defending bad actions at all costs, crapshow the profession seems to be disintegrating into. If you are anti police officer do some ride alongs. It forever changed my mind about how important they are

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus offered to resign in a press briefing Wednesday where he released bodycam footage of Carlos Ingram-Lopez's death. Ingram-Lopez died after he was pinned to the ground for more than 12 minutes as he begged for water and said he couldn't breathe - the same words uttered by black man George Floyd who was 'murdered' by a white cop in Minneapolis last month. Three cops involved in his arrest, identified as Jonathan Jackson, Samuel Routledge and Ryan Starbuck, have already resigned from the force after an internal investigation recommended their firing .

A Tucson police officer was fired Tuesday after video captured him fatally shooting a man in a motorized wheelchair, officials said.

Tucson Police Department bodycam footage shows officers approaching a man in a wheelchair who was fatally shot. © Tucson Police Department Tucson Police Department bodycam footage shows officers approaching a man in a wheelchair who was fatally shot.

The video, released by the Tucson Police Department, shows portions of the fatal confrontation between Officer Ryan Remington and a man in a wheelchair identified by police as Richard Lee Richards, 61.

The video shows a combination of three camera views of the event on Monday: a Walmart parking lot security camera, a police body camera, and a Lowe's security camera. Two of the videos show the fatal shooting of Richards as he is rolling away from officers through the Lowe's parking lot. Playing throughout the video clips are portions of police radio communications.

Rare disease with fatal diagnosis doesn't stop this woman from living life – and helping others

  Rare disease with fatal diagnosis doesn't stop this woman from living life – and helping others Jessie Jackson won't benefit from a new treatment, but the North Carolina woman's participation in a study on her rare condition will help others.Jessie doesn't turn 30 until Dec. 12, but for the past five years on the anniversary of her diagnosis, her parents have hosted a fundraiser. They weren't taking any chances.

Delaware police officers fatally shot a man in a wheelchair after they say he began to remove a gun from his waistband. When can police shoot ? Teen's father sues officer in fatal shooting . Cop fired after fatally shooting teen. Body cam footage of Maurice Granton's shooting released.

An off-duty New Jersey police officer who was arrested and charged in a vehicular homicide was under the influence of alcohol and using his cell phone when he fatally struck nurse Damian Dymka (pictured). Only after this did Santiago's father, Newark Police Lieutenant Luis Santiago, call 911 and report his son was in an accident. New Jersey State Police arrived to discover Dymka was dead in the back seat. Toscano has not stated why Santiago failed to call for emergency responders and instead moved the body himself.

Richards had been accused of stealing a toolbox from the Walmart when an employee contacted an off-duty Tucson police officer who was working a special duty assignment at the store, according to a statement from Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus.

Remington, an officer for four years in Tucson, joined the Walmart employee in the parking lot and followed Richards while "attempting to gain his cooperation," the police chief said in a statement.

"According to the employee, he caught up with Mr. Richards outside as he fled the store and asked to see a receipt for the toolbox. Instead of providing the receipt, Mr. Richards brandished a knife and said, 'Here's your receipt.'"

Magnus said that Remington wanted Richards to stop and to surrender his knife.

Indianapolis FedEx shooter who fatally shot 8 people had 'no indication of racial bias,' officials say

  Indianapolis FedEx shooter who fatally shot 8 people had 'no indication of racial bias,' officials say In a press conference Wednesday morning, law enforcement officials said the shooting was purely "an act of suicidal murder."Police say that Brandon Scott Hole, the 19-year-old Indianapolis man who fatally shot eight people at a FedEx Ground facility on the city's southwest side in April — including several members of the Sikh community — had planned the attack for at least nine months.

Four Minneapolis police officers were fired Tuesday, authorities said , amid protests and outrage after a viral video showed one of them kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed black man who cried that he could not breathe and later died. Minneapolis-area law enforcement has faced criticism in recent years over its use of force. In a 2016 incident that drew widespread condemnation, an officer with the suburban St. Anthony Police Department shot and killed 32-year-old Philando Castile during a traffic stop, the aftermath of which was streamed live on Facebook.

An Arizona police officer tased a knife-wielding man who refused to put down his blade - only for the suspect to fall onto the ground and stab himself in the neck. The wild incident was caught on bodycam in Glendale on November 23 after officers arrived on scene for a 'suspicious' fire , where authorities ultimately found a person 'acting odd.' Police were quickly able to determine that the man , who has not been named, was associated with the housefire which they deemed suspicious, while an officer began talking to the individual in an effort to calm him down.

"Mr. Richards refused to comply, and instead continued to head through the Walmart and Lowe's parking lots," Magnus said.

"According to the Walmart employee, Mr. Richards said, 'If you want me to put down the knife, you're going to have to shoot me.'"

A second officer arrived on the scene to assist Remington.

Both officers were a short distance behind Richards when they warned him not to enter the store, the chief said.

The video shows Richards beginning to enter the Lowe's when Remington tells him, "Do not go into the store, sir." Seconds later, the officer begins shooting Richards, who slumps over and falls out of his chair and onto the ground.

Remington fired nine rounds, striking the man in the back and side, according to Magnus.

"His use of deadly force in this incident is a clear violation of department policy and directly contradicts multiple aspects of our use of force training," Magnus said. "As a result, the department moved earlier today to terminate Officer Remington."

Takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee hearing: Police accounts of Capitol attack made for an emotional day

  Takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee hearing: Police accounts of Capitol attack made for an emotional day The nearly four-hour hearing Tuesday offered a harrowing account of officers beaten unconscious, tear-gassed, and taunted with racial epithets.The nearly four-hour hearing offered a harrowing account of officers beaten unconscious, tear-gassed, taunted with racial epithets and attacked with the American flag by  protesters who were spurred by former President Donald Trump's false claims of a stolen election.

Houston's police chief says four police officers have been terminated after an internal investigation determined they did not use reasonable force when they fired their weapons 21 times at a man who had been experiencing a mental health crisis, killing him in April after he was already injured and on the ground. Houston Police chief Art Acevedo announces the department's findings in an April 21 officer -involved fatal shooting of Nicolas Chavez, during a press conference at the Edward A. Thomas building on Thursday, Sept.

CNN has reached out to Remington but did not hear back.

Pima County Attorney's Office to review incident, police chief says

A clip of Lowe's security camera footage shows Richards lying on the ground immediately after being shot, as the officer appears to be pulling his hands behind his back to handcuff him.

Remington was the only officer that discharged his weapon, according to Magnus.

Medical care was called to the scene "but a short time later Mr. Richards was declared dead," the police chief said.

Magnus said the incident will be reviewed by the Pima County Attorney's Office.

Attorney Michael Storie, who is representing Remington, told CNN that the "selected clips" presented at the news conference were only half the story.

"In any of these types of things, if you cut and paste a video, it will not properly lay out the officer's impressions and state of mind leading to a decision to employ force of any kind," Storie said.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero described the actions of the officer as "unconscionable and indefensible."

She added that she supports a full investigation by the county attorney's office.

"It is moments like this that test our resolve to ensure justice and accountability," the mayor said. "We owe this to all Tucsonans. I ask our community to remain calm and be patient as investigations ensue."

Family of college student fatally shot by officers wants answers on use of force .
The family of a Florida Tech student who was fatally shot on campus last week by police and school security officers is investigating the deadly use of force. Police responded to the Melbourne campus shortly before 11 p.m. Friday after reports of a man armed with a knife attacking students.

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