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US: often meander between the play styles: March did not get stability in the Team

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in summer Jesse March was the "wish coach" of RB Leipzig. Five months, those responsible for the Saxons have to admit that the experiment has failed: the gap, which Julian Nagelsmann has left, was not close by March and his rod.

Jesse Marsch bekam keine Stabilität in sein Team. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner Jesse Marsch did not get stability in his team.

A commentary of Kicker editor Andreas Hunzinger

as Jesse March was presented in the past July as a new coach of RB Leipzig, Oliver Mintzlaff was highly pleased with the commitment of the US American. "We are totally happy that we could commit to our dream coach," said the managing director of the Saxons at that time.

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Five months later, RB is no longer happy - and the wish coach already history again. 18 points after 14 games, the dwindling opportunities on the declared seasonal goal Champions-League Square, the most recent series of three defeats succumbed in succession and, above all, the desolate appearance at Union Berlin have made the responsible persons to release march from his tasks. From the point of view of the leading heads of the club, there are comprehensible arguments for your actions. The nearby and sympathetic march has not been able to do it in the scarce half a year of his work, a team that is not worse than the current table pricing Leverkusen to lead to the proximity of their performance limits.

team often brokered the impression between the scanning stems to be mastered

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to play uncompromising RB shift football with devoted pressing, march got no stability in his team. In between, there were highlight games like a 6-0 against Hertha BSC, a 2: 1 against Borussia Dortmund or the 5-0 in the Champions League in Bruges. But those in the two years under Julian Nagelsmann on more possessions conditioned team often gave the impression of meaning between the play styles. Pressing and counterpressing had not always looked well orchestrated long ago, the counterattacks were badly secured. With the missing results, the players also swing the belief that you can be successful in this constellation.

One can certainly cite in favor of the US American that he lacked the Early permanent and then almost permanent Dani Olmo. Also, that the recent Corona infections in coaches and players were not particularly powerful. But the recent performances in Hoffenheim, Leverkusen and Berlin left little room for the confidence that March can bring the team still on course.

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A sports director would be useful - and should already be found

His leaveover is also the confession that the experiment has failed with the 48-year-old. In retrospect, the Julian Nagelsmann migrated to FC Bayern has left a gap in Leipzig, which was not close in the constellation with March and his staff. The club tops have to ask themselves whether March's game idea and a puncto possession under Nagelsmann's much advanced team were still compatible. In the defeat on Friday at Union, it was again apparent that a penalty forces such as André Silva is not in many times staged. What lies at the style of play, but also on the composition of the squad - but the march has not to answer for it predominantly. This touches the management level of RB. A sports director would be useful. This should already be found.

In Leipzig, a new time again starts again. After 2019, when Nagelsmann Antrat Antrat and ended the era Ralf Rangnick, and 2021, when March Nagelsmann brewed, the third within two and a half years. Whether it will last longer will show.

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