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US: »Today Journal«: Hanna Zimmermann is new Co-presenter

Jörg Pilawa: His daughter Emmy wants actress

 Jörg Pilawa: His daughter Emmy wants actress The moderator Jörg Pilawa (56) besides to have to do without pandemeal times on big celebrations. "I celebrated enough parties in my life," said the 56-year-old the editorial network Germany (RND). "I'm doing more the young generation sorry, we have already asked a lot in the pandemic," says the moderator. It is likely to be a Pilawa's own daughter Emmy, who is currently in celebratory age with her 18 years. And the young woman is still a topic.

Hanna Zimmermann will in future make a "today journal" duo with main moderator Christian Sievers. Previously, the news journalist moderated the late design of ZDF messages, among other things.

  »heute journal«: Hanna Zimmermann wird neue Co-Moderatorin © Jana Kay / ZDF

The new main moderator at "Today Journal," Christian Sievers, the news will be presented in the future with Hanna Zimmermann. The new DUO starts on Monday (January 10, 21:45), as the ZDF announced.

Zimmermann, who will be responsible for the newsrooms, has been seen since September 2020 in ZDF as a presenter of the late edition "Today Journal Update". Before that, she had moderated the predecessor format »today +« from spring 2018. Since 2015 she has already been working for other formats such as ZDF dialings.

Disappearance of animator Nathalie Vincent: But what happened?

 Disappearance of animator Nathalie Vincent: But what happened? Nathalie Vincent has undeniably marked the little screen with her presence and good mood! But so far, the facilitator prefers to flourish away from the spotlight. Recently in the columns of "leisure", she delivered without ferry on her new life! © Jean-Marc Haedrich / Visual Press Agency Disappearance of the animator Nathalie Vincent: but what happened? In the early 2000s, Nathalie Vincent chained projects on television.

In the team of co-moderators, Gundula Gause and Heinz Wolf remain. At the team of the main moderators count next to Sievers, who starts the succession of Claus Kleber , Marietta Slomka and the Deputy ZDF editor-in-chief Bettina, which takes over a few weeks a year.

Cause, which had formed a duo with glue, will be able to see the information in more current ZDF news broadcasts in the future. In addition to the co-moderation in "Today Journal," usually then on the side of Schausten, she will more often present the late magazine "Today Journal Update" and the "today" news at 12 and 17 o'clock.

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