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US: Explosion on the Dakar: The question of a judgment of the rally arises, for Jean-Yves Le Drian

Dakar Rally 2022, Day 1: Al-Attiyah takes lead as Sainz, Peterhansel face early trouble

  Dakar Rally 2022, Day 1: Al-Attiyah takes lead as Sainz, Peterhansel face early trouble Nasser Al-Attiyah opened a 12-minute lead after Day 1 of the 2022 Dakar Rally while Stephane Peterhansel crashed and Carlos Sainz struggled on speed.After winning the prologue of the car class Saturday, Al-Attiyah triumphed Sunday in the 514-kilometer first stage, which he completed in just over three and a half hours in his Gazoo Racing Toyota.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, ministre de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères. © AFP Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The question of a judgment of the Dakar-2022 rally in Saudi Arabia is "pose" after the explosion that touched a vehicle and which is "perhaps" linked to a "terrorist attack", said this Friday, January 7th In the morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, at Jean-Jacques Bourdin's microphone, on BFMTV and RMC radio. "We thought that perhaps it was worth to give up this sporty event. The organizers decided to (the) maintain, he said. In these cases, it is necessary to be very precautionary, at least put in place sufficient and reinforced protection devices. I think they did it but in any case the question remains asked, "he added. "There may have been a terrorist attack on the Dakar," said the leader of French diplomacy, calling the Saudi authorities to "the greatest transparency" .Jy_ledrian): "he there may have been a terrorist attack against the Dakar " bfmtv (@bfmtv) January 7, 2022 The minister adds to" said the organizers and Saudi officials that must be very transparent on What he had just happened, because there were hypotheses that could be a terrorist act, "said Jean-Yves Le Drian. "There have already been terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia against French interests," he observed. To read also: Australian submarine contract canceled: a blow hardly for Jean-Yves the Drianl'Explosion Who touched the car, on December 30 in Jeddah, the second largest city of Saudi Arabia, seriously injured the driver, French Philippe Boutron. If the Saudi authorities have rejected last Saturday the track of a criminal act to explain what they have described as "accident", the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized from the beginning that "the hypothesis of A criminal act "was" not dismissed "and" the terrorist threat persists in Saudi Arabia ". The French anti-terrorist office has announced that Tuesday, January 4, a preliminary investigation for" attempted murderers in relation to a company terrorist ". In October 2020, an attack with a knife had injured a guard from the French consulate, in Jeddah, in the west of the country. Two weeks later, an attack aimed in the same city a ceremony for the anniversary of the Armistice of 11 November 1918, in the presence of Western diplomats, including French, making two wounded. To read too: "Taupe" of the Russians. Cabinet de le Drian: Bernard Bajolet, former head of the DGSE, Retropedale

Lead 1-Attack of Drones near Abu Dhabi Airport, the Houthis claim .
Emirates-Securite / Yemen (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Attack of Drones near Abu Dhabi Airport, The Houthis claim (Adds Declarations of Jean-Yves Le Drian) Dubai, January 17 (Reuters) - Three tanker trucks carrying fuel were destroyed by drones Monday near Abu Dhabi Airport, Arab Emirates United, an attack claimed by the Houthi Yemeni movement that did according to the Emirati authorities three dead and six wounded.

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