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US: Russia: A painter stopped for an excrement-shaped installation near a Memorial

Russia is risking all-out war to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO

  Russia is risking all-out war to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO Russia's dealings — or, more accurately, its clashes — with the West have focused on one country in recent years: Ukraine.It's back in focus this week with a series of high-stakes meetings taking place between Russian and western officials which are centered on trying to diffuse heightened tensions between Russia and its neighbor.

Memorial ’s attorneys deny the Attorney General’s allegations, insisting that there are no legal grounds for the dissolution order. After the verdict was announced on Tuesday, defense lawyers vowed to appeal the decision and to turn to the European Court of Human Rights, if necessary. The Moscow City Court is scheduled to hear a similar lawsuit against Memorial ’s human rights branch tomorrow, on December 29. In recent weeks, dozens of organizations from across Russia and around the world, as well as politicians, scientists, and cultural figures, have expressed their support for Memorial .

Troops in Russia 's Far East have begun winter inspections, according to a statement by the country's Ministry of Defense, as Moscow holds talks with NATO about de-escalating tensions. Officials announced on Friday that forces stationed in the Eastern Military District, which covers a vast swath of land from Siberia to the Sea of Japan, were undertaking inspections and exercises intended to ensure their military readiness. The ministry said this would include live firing in testing ranges, and emphasized that special attention would be paid to the soldiers' preparedness for rapid deployment.

La sculpture éphémère et provocatrice avait été installée sur le Champ de Mars de Saint-Pétersbourg. Capture d'écran/Google Street View. monument © Google Street View The ephemeral and provocative sculpture had been installed on the March field of St. Petersburg. Screenshot / Google Street View. Patriotic values ​​are one of the priorities of Vladimir Putin's presidency. The painter Moscovite Ivan Volkov knew most of probably knew, a provocation that may cost him a few years of his life in prison. He is suspected of having created a giant excrement-shaped installation in the center of St. Petersburg near a memorial monument ... What earned him to be arrested, announced Monday the police of the former Imperial Capital . "An investigation for insulting the dead and the burial places has been opened," said a spokesman. This crime is liable in Russia of five years in prison. According to the local information website , it is Ivan Volkov, born in 1992, created last week a five-meter long snow sculpture, painted it in brown and Drawn around her a yellow puddle, on the field of March, a central place of St. Petersburg housing the tombs of the victims of the Russian revolution of 1917. He then distributed on his Facebook page and on his Instagram account of photos of this installation, accompanied by the legend "caca", according to the same source. Monday night, the photos in question were no longer on these social networks. In December, a 19-year-old Russian blogger had already been sentenced to Moscow at four years in prison for "insulting the memory" of a Second World War veteran, after urinating the portrait of one of the them. In Russia in Russia for more than 20 years, Vladimir Putin puts forward patriotism. The profanation of the memorial tombs and insulting veterans are severely punished in this country.

Biden warns of rare personal sanctions on Putin .
By Jeff Mason, Humeyra Pamuk and Dmitry AntonovWASHINGTON/MOSCOW, Jan 25 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he would consider personal sanctions on President Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine, as Western leaders stepped up military preparations and made plans to shield Europe from a potential energy supply shock.Following multiple rounds of U.S.-Russia talks over Ukraine that failed to reach a breakthrough, Biden, who has long warned Moscow of economic consequences, upped the ante on Tuesday by saying Putin could personally face sanctions. Direct U.S.

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