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US: Initiative Professional port: "In some places the existence is threatened"

Covid-19: Three things to know on the port of the mask suspended in Paris

 Covid-19: Three things to know on the port of the mask suspended in Paris Your Browser does not support this video The port of the mandatory mask outdoors in Paris has been suspended by the administrative court of the capital Thursday 13 January: A decision that could cause jurisprudence and lead to many other similar decisions elsewhere in France. Two departments in two days: after the Yvelines, Paris. You are no longer obliged to wear it outdoors in the capital.

a scarce week before the next Corona Summit of Government on January 24, the four most important sports companies in Germany will contact Chancellery and Prime Minister.

Leere Tribünen stellen den Profisport vor große Probleme. © Imago Images / Sven Simon Blank tribunes face the professional sports against big problems.

Ligachefs turn to the politics

signed is the three-page paper from the managing directors of the Basketball Bundesliga (Dr. Stefan Wood), the German Ice Hockey League (Gernot Trips), the German Football League (Donata Hops) and the Handball Bundesliga (Frank Bohmann). Background is the decision for nationwide ghost games shortly before Christmas. The pandemic prepares clubs like leagues "massive problems". "In some places, even the existence is threatened," writing the representatives of the PROFISPORT Initiative and thus draw a gloomy situation.

COVID: Why the port bond of the outdoor mask was suspended

 COVID: Why the port bond of the outdoor mask was suspended © Philippe Lopez / AFP "Style =" Care-Color: RGB (0, 0, 0); Color: RGB (0, 0, 0); Font-style: normal; Font-Variant-Caps: Normal; Font-Weight: normal; Letter Spacing: Normal; Orphans: Auto; TEXT-ALIGN: START; Text-Indent: 0px; text-transform: none; White Space: Normal; Widows: Auto; Word-spacing: 0px; -Webkit-text-size-adjust: Auto; -Webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; Text-Decoration: None; "> The wearing of the outdoor mask is no longer compulsory in the streets of the capital since this was the ca

In addition, the quartet points out that the professional port of the COVID crisis started: "We have supported all campaigns for curbing and combating the pandemic: from #Wire remaindown to low-threshold vaccination offers. Here we remain committed. Politics and society Can rely on us. " Of course, "the protection of the health care system and the maintenance of critical infrastructure" priority should have executed the managers. And on: "In the case, in the case, that the hospitalization rate remains largely stable and the success of the Booster campaign continues to be confirmed with a significant reduction in the risk of contagion and the risk of a serious disease history in fully vaccinated, we keep a timely implementation of opening scenarios with a view At the approval of spectators in the professional sport for appropriate. " You advertise for the return to location-related concepts and the departure of flat-rate bans at the summit on January 24th.

The mask back in Paris and Ile-de-France, but not everywhere

 The mask back in Paris and Ile-de-France, but not everywhere © Xose Bouzas a mask in a street of Paris. Hunt the mask obligatory by the door, it comes back through the window. The Paris Police Prefecture (PP) announces this Monday in a statement that a new decree makes it compulsory the port of the mask in some places of the capital. The rule now concerns "all situations in which the risk that the social distancing of one meter between the people may not be respected, and where the port of the mask is necessary" .

"It is incomprehensible that the professional sport is currently poorly made in many places lens than other areas of life." (Initiative PROFISPORT)

"leagues and clubs have proven in the Corona crisis that they act responsible," they argue . On the one hand, this is correct in the scope of the large whole, on the other hand, in the other hand, individual athletes with actions, which are defined with negligently still mitigating, ensured shaking head shaking. However, associations and clubs have recurred for vaccination and caution, also developed a global hygiene concept. "Against this background, it is not comprehensible that the professional sport is currently peasant in many places objectively worse than other areas of life," decide hops, wood, triples and Bohmann their letter.

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A bill being considered by Washington lawmakers would require retailers and ports to allow truckers to use their bathrooms.Washington state labor law requires most employers to provide their workers with restroom facilities. But because of the uniquely itinerant nature of commercial trucking, the law leaves drivers without access to a restroom facility.

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