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US: Coronavirus-EU must prepare for the fourth dose of vaccine, if necessary-kyriakides

DeSantis 2024: If You Think Trump Was Too Honest and Sane About COVID

  DeSantis 2024: If You Think Trump Was Too Honest and Sane About COVID The Florida governor sets up a contrast to Trump’s right on the pandemic. It is telling that of the many failings DeSantis could cite by Trump, he is seizing on the former president’s initial willingness to do anything at all about the pandemic. Trump repeatedly denied the coronavirus posed any serious public-health risk and insisted it would go away while trying to hide the extent of the spread and treating the entire pandemic as a deep-state plot to undermine his reelection.

health-coronavirus / EU (photo): coronavirus-the EU must prepare for the fourth dose of vaccine, if necessary-kyriakides

by Francesco Guarascio

Brussels, January 21 (Reuters) - The European Commissioner for Health has asked Friday to the Ministers of Health of the European Union to prepare for a new vaccination campaign for a fourth dose against CVIV-19 , as soon as medical data will show it.

The European Medicines Agency found this week that it would be reasonable to administer a fourth dose to those whose immune system is seriously weakened, but that additional data were needed.

"If we obtain conclusive data on the need to administer a fourth dose, we must be ready to act," said Stella Kyriakides to health ministers in a videoconference, according to the text of its intervention obtained by Reuters.

What This Pandemic Needs Is More Input From Congress

  What This Pandemic Needs Is More Input From Congress When pandemic policies change society, Congress should debate them.Critics of the decision have decried it as a deadly blow to an effective pandemic safeguard. Be that as it may, in our constitutional system, Congress is the body that should determine whether to impose a federal vaccine mandate. And generally, the United States would be better served if Congress voted on more federal pandemic policies, rather than ceding basic judgments about how society operates to the president or the federal agencies that he oversees.

The meeting, organized shortly by the French Government, which ensures the Presidency of the EU, focused on the need for a fourth dose of vaccine and the adaptation of vaccines against variants.

In a tweet published after the meeting, Stella Kyriakides emphasized that the priority was to be the vaccination of people who are still not vaccinated, about a quarter of the EU population.

Hungary has already decided to administer a fourth dose of vaccine for all of its population after medical advice, while Denmark has proposed it to the most vulnerable people.

The Swedish Public Health Agency said on Friday that people whose immune system is weakened should receive a fourth injection three to four months after the first reminder.

Israel was the first country to administer the fourth dose of vaccine last December, although the preliminary results indicate that the injection was not enough to prevent OMICRON variant infections.

Ministers also discussed the coordination of other policies, including potential new joint purchases, because, according to the French Presidency, "Vaccines adapted to the variants will soon arrive."

"It is clear that priority should be given to a new generation of effective vaccines against several variants and, ideally, protecting against infection," said the Commissioner of Ministers. (Francesco Guarascio report, French version Diana Mandiá, edited by Sophie Louet)

Finland moves up planned easing of COVID restrictions .
Finland moves up planned easing of COVID restrictionsHELSINKI (Reuters) -Finland will begin gradually easing COVID-19 restrictions from Feb. 1 instead of mid-February as initially planned as the burden on its hospitals eases, the government said late on Thursday.

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