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US: COVID-19: What do we know about rare cases of facial paralysis imputed to the vaccine?

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In a video shared several thousand times on social networks, a woman says to be a victim of facial paralysis as a result of her vaccination against COVID-19. We take stock of this signable adverse effect that remains rare and transient.

  Covid-19 : que sait-on des rares cas de paralysie faciale imputés au vaccin ? © Supplied by FranceInfo

While nearly 78% of the French population is totally vaccinated , the national drug safety agency (ANSM) continues to list and analyze the adverse effects which appear to the rest of a vaccination. This can be known and expected effects, such as the pain or swelling at the place of injection, fatigue, or muscle headaches and muscle pain. But the ANSM also monitors the ramer side effects, such as facial paralysis, also called Bell Paralysis, which remains transitory in the cases reported until now. Francesco Salvo was asked, responsible for the Bordeaux Pharmacovigilance Center, which was to know about this phenomenon.

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a little more than 500 notified cases, sometimes unreacted with the

vaccine in a shared publication several thousand times on Twitter, Facebook or Tiktok, a woman explains to have been a victim of facial paralysis after her vaccination against Cvid-19 : "I am a paralyzed victim, no virus, but the vaccine, says this woman, we did not tell us, these effects were not written." Madame is probably due to the vaccine ', told me pharmacovigilance. 11,000 cases of facial paralysis due to vaccination. "

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Your Browser does not support this video to answer the concerns of Many Internet users as a result of this testimony, we have asked for a statement of the situation in Francesco Salvo, head of the Bordeaux Pharmacovigilance Center and National Pfizer Vaccine Security Coordinator. Since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been "516 notified cases of post-vaccination facial paralysis", according to Francesco Salvo, which states that about "a third party is reasonably due to another cause, such as cold or infection". So no, there are no 11,000 cases of facial paralysis due to vaccination in France.

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concerning the severity of these adverse effects, they are also to qualify, because unlike a "classical" facial paralysis as a result of a trauma or an infection, the cases notified after a vaccination against CVIV-19 " seem to regress much faster ", according to Francesco Salvo, and they are" much less severe, because the nerve attack is not profound ". When sometimes it takes between six months and a year to recover from a "classical" facial paralysis, it takes "between a week and a month to find the mobility of his post-vaccinal face", explains the person in charge of the pharmacovigilance center from Bordeaux.

An unwanted effect notified since the beginning of the

vaccination campaign still in this widely shared video on social networks, this woman victim of facial paralysis also indicates that these effects "were not written" and that no one spoke about it . According to Francesco Salvo,

"there were cases of facial paralysis at the time of clinical trials, particularly with Pfizer and Moderna, but there were only seven out of 33,000 patients, which is too little to be sure it was an adverse effect caused by the vaccine. "

Nevertheless, according to the responsible for the Bordeaux pharmacovigilance center, these cases of facial paralysis have soon been reported and analyzed at European level after the beginning of the vaccination campaign and subsequently listed as unwanted effects of these vaccines. . Finesco Salvo finally recalls that the VVID-19 virus can also cause neurological damage to the loss of taste, smell, hearing or a facial paralysis.

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