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US: Bahn Shuts because of Omikron Single trains

more infections, but less heavy corona cases in Germany

 more infections, but less heavy corona cases in Germany This Wednesday, the Robert Koch Institute reports a record number of daily new infections with the coronavirus. Accordingly, there were 112 323 new cases in Germany - as many as never in the pandemic. The Data Project Risklayer, which asks directly from the health problems, comes to a value of 94,000 and thus also a high. Which direction the political debate is made to the general vaccination obligation is unclear.

The Deutsche Bahn has slightly reduced its offer in long-distance traffic because of the Omikron wave. The seating capacity has been reduced by about three percent since January 10, it is said in a layout for the Supervisory Board, which is the German Press Agency.

Derzeit fahren halb so viele Menschen mit den ICE- und Intercity-Zügen wie vor der Pandemie. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA Currently driving half as many people with the ICE and InterCity trains as before the pandemic.

Thus, in some cases shorter trains would be used to relieve the maintenance plants as a precaution. In some works, the sickness rate is therefore already double-digit. Further "reduction scenarios" are prepared for the case that the sickness levels rose sharply.

Weinzierl Pleaded in Spectator Question for Intermediate Solutions

 Weinzierl Pleaded in Spectator Question for Intermediate Solutions Coach Markus Weinzierl From FC Augsburg, before the next meeting of the Federation and countries on Monday for a fan return pronounced. "We are what the fan usage is concerned on the same level as at the beginning of the pandemic, that can not be. That's why it's hard to understand for me if I see other things, which is then allowed somewhere, and in the football stadium no one can take a distance, with hygiene regulations a game, "said Weinzierl on Thursday before the game at Bayer Leverkusen.

Minimum adjustments in the timetable

The railway had increased your offer in December for another time because you are constantly receiving new trains. But there are only half as many people with the ICE and InterCity trains as before the pandemic.

«Currently, the operation runs quietly and largely smoothly," a railway spokesman said. "We have only made minimal adjustments in the timetable by on some connections - for example between Cologne and Frankfurt - at times with fewer passengers instead of two trips only one on the road." The train is further prepared to adapt the operating procedures if necessary.

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For regional trains, the location image indicates the offer with «largely 100 percent». Only occasional rides fell away. The passenger demand lies 55 to 60 percent of the pre-corona level - in strong regional differences. The sick leave rates for planners, dispatchers, maintenance employees and local guides are therefore increasing, but are still significantly single digit.

Deichbrand, Hurricane and Co.: Festival Operators Confident

 Deichbrand, Hurricane and Co.: Festival Operators Confident After the pandemie-based failure Over the past two years, the characters for the large open-air festivals such as Hurricane, Deichbrand and M'era Luna are good in summer 2022. Despite the currently tense Corona location , the organizers are confident.

tensed is the situation accordingly about in North Rhine-Westphalia. If the sick leave continues there, traffic could no longer be serviced. At the S-Bahn Berlin, the operation is already reduced. For example, there are amplifier trains since Tuesday. The offer is located after S-Bahn information but still at a good 98 percent. Coronabed is limited in the capital since several days the offer of buses and subways of the state-owned Berlin public transport companies.

2020 failure quere in case of failure rate at 5.1 percent

Last year, 3.2 percent of the 340,000 scheduled trips fell out at Deutsche Bahn. Relative to the four million provided, the failure rate was 5.1 percent, as the train announced. Compared with 2020, the numbers rose clearly, as evidenced by inquiries from the FDP member of Torsten Autumn, reported on the "picture". Autumn demanded additional measures for reliability and punctuality.

The rail named the cause of special events: "The winter slump in February with a temporary setting of the company, in July the Sturmtief Bernd with the resulting century flood in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as in August and September one of the toughest tariff conflicts of the DB. Story."

In the remaining eight months of the year, the proportion of train failures was 1.1 percent at the level of the two previous years, with 2.5 percent.

according to Help seek to Taliban: Pregnant New Zealänder may arrive at home .
a pregnant New Zealand journalist, who had received a rare invitation of the Taliban to get to Afghanistan for delivery to Afghanistan, may now enter their homeland New Zealand. As Charlotte Bellis announced on Tuesday, she will return to New Zealand in March to bring her daughter to the world there. © dpa Charlotte Bellis (r.) With their partner Jim Huylebroek because of the strict Corona restricting in their home, their entry had initially been denied.

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