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US: Italy still does not have a president after three voting towers

Voting rights is a constitutional right: Failure is not an option

  Voting rights is a constitutional right: Failure is not an option We must act with courage and suspend and stop the Senate filibuster in order to pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act, both of which are critical for ensuring the integrity of our constitutional right to vote and the fullness and fairness of our elections. Congresswoman Jackson Lee, a Democrat representing the 18th Congressional District of Texas, is a senior member of the House Committees on the Judiciary, on Homeland Security and the Budget, the Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, a member of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, and a former staffer o

Italy-President-President: Italy still does not have any president after three voting towers

L'ITALIE N'A TOUJOURS PAS DE PRÉSIDENT APRÈS TROIS TOURS DE VOTE © Reuters / Remo Casilli Italy N 'Still has no president after three

voting towers by Angelo Amante and Gavin Jones

Rome (Reuters) - The great Italian voters have always reached a consensus on Wednesday after the third ballot to designate the successor to Sergio Mattarella as President of the Republic.

The presidency race remains very open: neither the center-right, nor that of the center-left has enough voices to impose its choice.

A large number of the thousands of parliamentarians and regional representatives that make up the electoral college still voted white, as they had done in the first two rounds, a way of saving time while their leaders are negotiating behind the scenes.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s family says 'we're tired of being patient,' urges Democrats to pass voting rights legislation

  Martin Luther King Jr.'s family says 'we're tired of being patient,' urges Democrats to pass voting rights legislation "If you can deliver an infrastructure bill for bridges, you can deliver voting rights for Americans," said Martin Luther King III at a protest in DC.Marchers braved frigid temperatures in the nation's capital to participate in the DC Peace Walk across the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. King's descendants, including his son, Martin Luther King III, 13-year-old granddaughter Yolanda Renee King, and daughter-in-law Arndrea Waters King, led the procession while holding a banner that called on Congress to "Deliver for Voting Rights.

As of the fourth round, which will take place on Thursday from 10:00 GMT, the election is played by an absolute majority and no longer a two-thirds majority as in previous towers.

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The president of the board, Mario Draghi, remains in the running for the post but his possible election arouses the fear of Seeing its government coalition flying, which could trigger anticipated legislation.

"We would have some weeks of confusion if Draghi had to leave the government (...) It would be a problem in the middle of a health crisis, an energy crisis, an economic crisis," said Matteo Salvini. , leader of the far-right league.

Analysis: A grave week for civil rights, democracy and a presidency

  Analysis: A grave week for civil rights, democracy and a presidency Democrats appear certain to add another failure to their list of missed deadlines and thwarted legacy goals this week, with a push for voting rights bills expected to crash in the Senate with humiliating implications for Joe Biden's presidency.The party faces a moment of stark symbolism just a day after the holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., which Democrats had set as a deadline to pass new laws to counter Republican curtailments on voting in multiple states.

Among the main parties, only Enrico Latta, at the head of the Center-Left Democratic Party, publicly brought his support to Mario Draghi.

Among the other names mentioned are those of the former President of the Chamber of Deputies Pier Ferdinando Casini, former President of the Giuliano Amato Council and the Chair of Senate Elisabetta Casellati, who has many elus on the right.

Some elected officials would like to see Sergio Mattella, 80 years old, running a second term. The head of state, which obtained more than 120 votes in the vote on this Wednesday, has so far excluded this possibility.

The presidential mandate, lasting seven years, confers important powers in times of political crisis, such as those that Italy has been rehearsal for several years. The head of state has the last word on the appointment of the Prime Minister and the dissolution of Parliament.

(Angelo Anglante and Gavin Jones, French version Laetitia Volga, edited by Bertrand Boucey)

Note to Democrats: Voting has never been easier .
One reason for Democrats' election-reform flop is they haven’t been able to convince voters that millions of voters are being disenfranchised. And the reason that narrative has been a hard sell is that voting has never been easier. You don't have to take my word for it. A recent survey from National Public Radio/Medill School of Journalism/Ipsos found that 67 percent of voters cast ballots in 2020, more than in any other presidential election in 120 years.

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