US: How to make homemade chocolate eggs for Easter?

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Sunday, April 17, it's Easter. The opportunity for the smallest to go hunting chocolate eggs. If you can always get in large surface, you can also get your hand to the dough to make home sweets.

Comment faire ses œufs en chocolat maison pour Pâques ? © VALÉRY GUEDES How to make its homemade chocolate eggs for Easter? The different types of Easter chocolates

when we talk about Easter chocolates, we distinguish several kinds.

eggs, hens and other bells, which are moldings, often made in two parts assembled together, whose interior is hollow. In the art, these are these chocolates that are garnished with praline eggs or fries.

The little eggs are filled with praline for the most part, sometimes ganache or caramel. Sweets that also require the use of a mold for their clothing.

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 Easter festivals in the world The most important festival of Christianity, Easter commemorating the resurrection of Christ is celebrated all over the world. But all Christians do not have the same way to lead the festivities. © iStock How to celebrate Easter in the world? from the United States to Australia, passing through Russia, there are many culinary traditions to celebrate Easter, according to its religion and culture.

Finally, fries are an assortment of small chocolate pieces that often represent seafood and fish (the fish being a Christian symbol). Usually these chocolates are neither stuffed nor hollow, and are composed at 100% of the same chocolate (milk, black or white).

How to make chocolate eggs with a mold?

If one has a mold, the exercise of the Easter chocolate eggs is no more than a formality. Nevertheless, if we want a very bright room, it is advisable to temper his chocolate before flowing in his mold. In addition to its brilliance, temperating makes it possible to obtain a smooth rendering but also a clear break. But tempering chocolate - that is to say playing the Roller mountains with the temperature curve - requires having a little time but especially to have a cooking thermometer.

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You can also temper its chocolate more easily by melting 200 g of dark chocolate or milk in a bain-marie before adding out of the heat 100 g of chopped extra chocolate. As soon as the set is melted, it is running directly into its mold, and allowed to froze for about 2 hours.

If you want to make hollow eggs, once the chocolate poured into the mold, the excess material is shed, then allowed to froze. Then, one is released its two egg parts, and briefly melt the perimeter of the half-eggs on the bottom of a saucepan returned previously to heat. Thus, the background slightly and one can assemble the two parts. We maintain the set in place a few moments in our hands, before putting the egg gently and leave the chocolate frozen completely.

How to make chocolate eggs without mold?

The easiest way to make chocolate eggs without mold is to use ... real eggs!

So wearing hen eggs (you can also use quail eggs to make small eggs but exercise is delicate), a cardboard egg box, and melted chocolate at the right temperature.

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 Gifts for Easter: The most beautiful chocolates of the season butter or margarine? Bread roll or sub-half? A hard-boiled or rather a soft egg? These are the blatant questions to turn many breakfast table talks. And the latter, which after the hard or soft egg, will be twice relevant next weekend: In addition to the chicken eggs, so many Berlin Easter chalkers are still those of welfare chocolates .

We start by drilling a hole with the tip of a knife on the most pointed part of the egg, it is gently expanded until a diameter of about 1 cm in diameter. The egg is emptied in a container (which is preserved for another recipe), we rinse the inside of the shell and allowed to dry completely. A beautiful amount of melted chocolate is then poured inside the shell, and it is rotated in all directions so that chocolate covers the surface. The surplus is shed over by the opening. This places its shells with vertical, opening up, in the egg box. We take charge for 2h minimum. Next to organize egg hunt to flush them out. Once tap, chocolate eggs can be crunchy!

You can also use its chocolate eggs as a basis for special Easter formets. Simply wait for the shells to be frozen, before laying them, and garnish with homemade praline, moss, or ganache.

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Roll returns after 2-year, COVID-induced hiatus .
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