US: "They lied": Frontex targeted by a report on illegal references of migrants

UK's handling of migrants arriving by boat is unacceptable - official report

  UK's handling of migrants arriving by boat is unacceptable - official report UK's handling of migrants arriving by boat is unacceptable - official reportThe number of people attempting dangerous seas crossings to enter Britain has risen sharply, forcing the government to address criticism from some quarters that border controls are too weak, while others say that those seeking asylum are treated being treated inhumanely.

L’ancienne direction de l’agence de surveillance des frontières, Frontex, avait connaissance des renvois illégaux de migrants en Grèce. Pire, elle aurait même co-financé des refoulements, selon un rapport publié par Der Spiegel, jeudi 28 juillet. © Shutterstock/SIPA

The former management of the border surveillance agency, Frontex, was aware of illegal migrants to Greece. Worse, she would even have co-financed repressions, according to a report published by Der Spiegel, Thursday July 28.

A report from the European Fraud Office (Olaf), whose German newspaper Der Spiegel has published extracts, highlights the fact that the border surveillance agency, would have been very early on from illegal migrants to Greece illegal. Also, the former management would even have co-financed repressions, sometimes brutal, of asylum seekers to Turkey.

Its director of the time, Fabrice Leggeri, had to resign , at the end of April, following the conclusions of the investigators: "Instead of preventing the 'Pushback', the former boss Fabrice Leggeri and his collaborators have them hidden. They lied to the European Parliament and masked the fact that the agency supported certain repressions with money from European taxpayers. " Many details have been revealed, as the time when, on August 5, 2020, Greek coasts towed a pneumatic canoe with thirty migrants on board not to Greece, but to Turkey. A Frontx that patrolled filmed the scene.

"Pushback" of migrants in Greece: Frontex overwhelmed by a

 © Kacper PEMPEL ratio The Frontex HQ in Warsaw in Poland, September 8, 2021. An overwhelming ratio. A confidential document from the European Fraud Office (OLAF) consulted by the German magazine Der Spiegel, accuses the former Directorate of Frontex- European border guards and coast guards- of having been aware Illegal references of migrants to Greece and to have even co-funded repressions.

Frontex involved in more than ten repressions

Several testimonials from Frontex collaborators calling into question Fabrice Leggeri for having closed these illegal acts. For example, a written note evokes the withdrawal of surveillance planes, in the Aegean Sea, "so as not to witness". The Olaf also reports that at least six Greek boats, co -financed by Frontex, would have been involved in more than a dozen repressions between April and December 2020, which the former director has always rejected.

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Interviewed following this publication of extracts from the report, a spokesperson for the European Commission, Anitta Hipper, stressed that "a series of measures" had already been set up to settle the question of the governance of the Agency, managed since early July by the Lettonne Aija Kalnaja. Thus, "in terms of work on site with the Greek authorities, there is progress in the field," adds Anitta Hipper, who also points out "a new bill to guarantee a solid monitoring system" of the treatment of applicants for 'Asylum in Greece.

Frontex was aware of illegal migrants to Greece, according to an

 Frontex was aware of illegal migrants to Greece, according to an © AFP - Wojtek Radwanski report a fronttex building in Warsaw, Poland. Illustration image. A confidential report of the European Fruud Fight, dated February, stresses that the European Coast Guard agency Frontex was aware of illegal migrants from Greece to Turkey and even co-financed some of These repressions. An overwhelming report, relayed by Le Monde and Der Spiegel, had already contributed to the resignation, last April, of its former director, Fabrice Leggeri.

Greece denies any illegal repression

in seven years at the head of Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri accompanied the strengthening of the agency, which has been considerably muscular and whose workforce, with agents now armed, must reach 10,000 -Côtes and border guard by 2027 .

While Greece has always denied any illegal discharge at its borders, the Greek Minister of Migration, Notis Mitarachi, said on Thursday that he had only read the "summary" of the Olaf report, which according to him , "Does not blame Greece directly". And to add, before the media: "We have the right to protect our borders".

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