US: Rouen: Inflation complicates access to housing dedicated to students

Inflation and wage data suggest US prices will keep climbing

  Inflation and wage data suggest US prices will keep climbing WASHINGTON (AP) — Inflation surged in June and workers' average wages accelerated in the spring — signs that Americans won't likely feel any relief from rising prices anytime soon and that the Federal Reserve will feel compelled to further raise borrowing costs. An inflation gauge closely tracked by the Fed jumped 6.8% in June from a year ago, the government said Friday, the biggest such jump in four decades. Much of the increase was driven by energy and food. On a month-to-month basis, too, prices surged 1% in June, the biggest such rise since 2005. Even excluding the volatile food and energy categories, prices climbed 0.6% from May to June.

few goods are still available for rental

Les négociations avec les propriétaires sont moins simples (illustration). © Francois45140 / Pixabay Negotiations with the owners are less simple (illustration). Immobilier- Few goods are still available for rental

The situation is increasingly tense for students still looking for accommodation for rent in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) for the start of the 2022- 2023. Laters are likely to have trouble finding the good of their dreams since the vast majority of homes intended for students in the city have already been rented, indicates a professional cited by France Bleu Normandie .

However, future tenants did not all have the opportunity to sign leases in June or July, as did those who wanted to make sure to have an accommodation. In question, inflation, which lowered the purchasing power of families and sometimes increase the price of apartments rents.

White House rewrites rules to push more affordable housing with COVID-19 rescue funds

  White House rewrites rules to push more affordable housing with COVID-19 rescue funds Cities and states have greater flexibility to use American Rescue Plan funds on affordable housing under new Biden administration changes.New guidance from the Treasury Department Wednesday gives local and state governments greater flexibility to address affordable housing with their share of $350 billion in direct aid from the American Rescue Plan – President Joe Biden's signature COVID-19 stimulus law that Democrats in Congress passed in March 2021.

Do not pay rent for nothing

The phenomenon makes it difficult to pay the summer rent months of accommodation that will only be busy only at the start of the academic year. Formerly possible, negotiations are now complicated with owners also affected by inflation and who have a strong demand in front of them.

Mental companies, depressive signs, suicidal thoughts ... 70% of students are in a discomfort according to an Sociétéseine-Saint-Denis survey: the CROUS promises 300 new places in housing for students

House to pass Biden's $370 Inflation Reduction Act TODAY .
The House of Representatives is expected to pass President Joe Biden's sweeping $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act Friday. The legislation - which passed the Senate with only Democratic votes on Sunday - aims to reduce the price of prescription drugs and health insurance and includes a number of green energy initiatives, two major pillars of Biden's original Build Back Better plan. It installs a 15 percent minimum tax rate on corporations, raising enough funds to also pay down the deficit. House Republicans are expected to reject the measure en masse.

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