US: No airport express for two weeks

Photo - Théo Curin as a couple: he presents his partner

 Photo - Théo Curin as a couple: he presents his partner © Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage Photo - Théo Curin as a couple: he presents his partner this Friday, July 29, Théo Curin shared on Instagram of the first photos of him and Her new darling: romantic shots shot in Disneyland Paris to find her child's soul. Since July 6, M6 broadcasts the Beijing Express program: shock duos. A season notably marked by The participation of the Nageur Handisport Théo Curin , who teamed up with her manager Anne Bayard.

in Berlin is the so-called Airport Express (FEX) for two weeks. This affects the last two summer vacation weeks in Berlin and Brandenburg. Due to construction work on tracks in Berlin-Grünau, the trains have not ran since Monday morning until the morning of August 22nd, the Deutsche Bahn announced. The FEX usually needs around 30 minutes for the Berlin Central Station to Airport BER.

Reisende steigen im Hauptbahnhof Berlin in den Flughafen-Express. © Jörg Carstensen/dpa/Archive picture Travelers climb into the Airport Express at the Berlin Central Station.

passengers now have to choose other regional trains for airport. But even with them there will soon be restrictions on track work. The RB14 and the RE7 do not stop in Terminal 1-2 from Monday (August 15th) to Friday (August 19), but in Terminal 5.

Airport Officer Fired For Allegedly Striking Drunk, Violent Passenger .
An airport officer is fired after an altercation with a drunk and violent passenger. The retired Atlanta officer allegedly struck a passenger who was denied boarding because of his intoxicated state. According to an Atlanta police news release the incident happened on a flight out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Tuesday 2 August 2022. Allegedly, the passenger, accompanied by the officer, was escorted off the flight due to unruly behavior and was initially compliant. Shortly after, the unruly passenger shouted insults at gate agents and, at one point, lunged at the airport officer.

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