US: Drought: Faced with water restrictions, municipal agents remove the flowers

United States. "It's beyond drought": the Mead and Powell lakes mute in "dead basins"

 United States. © Patrick T. Fallon / AFP A "Bathtub", a white strip of mineral deposits showing levels Previous water, is illuminated at sunset in the national leisure area of ​​Lake Mead in Boulder City, Nevada, June 28, 2022. The water levels of the two largest artificial lakes in the United States, the lake Mead and Lake Powell are so low that they cause water and electricity shortages in the west of the country.

La sécheresse s'abat sur la France depuis plusieurs semaines et les communes s'adaptent pour faire face aux restrictions mises en place. Dans le nord de la France, le bassin de l’Yser est placé en crise sécheresse et les agents municipaux ont interdiction d'arroser les espaces verts. La ville de Steenvoorde a donc trouvé une solution radicale. © Maximilien Carlier / Europe 1 The drought has been falling on France for several weeks and the municipalities have been adapting to cope with the restrictions set up . In the north of France, the Yser Basin is placed in drought crisis and municipal agents are prohibited from watering green spaces. The city of Steenvoorde therefore found a radical solution.

Drought affects a large part of France. In the North, the Yser Basin has been placed in dry crisis for ten days now. This concerns around forty municipalities which no longer have the authorization to water green spaces. Faced with this problem, the city of Steenvoorde has found a radical solution: to remove the floral ornaments.

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Some dissatisfied inhabitants

A dump van filled with flowers circulates rue Carnot. Inside, municipal agents remove the suspended planters, because for ten days, due to the restrictions due to drought , it is no longer possible to water them. A decision that does not appeal to certain inhabitants, as Christian, in charge of green spaces. "They groan and say that it is shameful, because the flowers are still beautiful and they find it a shame to remove them."

"It is the living environment which takes a blow"

The geraniums begin to yellow and will necessarily detect. As a result, the city decides to throw them back, forced. "We who love flowering, there is the living environment that takes a hit this year," says Guillaume Baillieul, director of technical services.

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"If the flowers are removed in the city center, it's dead, there will only be concrete . We love Steenvoorde because we say that it is a clean and flowery city. This year, it will always be clean, but less colorful than you have known. " These planters are removed almost three months earlier than usual, insists this manager, it is "never seen".

Estonia removes Soviet-era monument, citing public order .
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Estonia's government said Tuesday it has decided to remove a Soviet-era monument from public space in an eastern border town sitting in the Baltic country's Russian-speaking part, with the prime minister saying the reason for the dismantling is that it represents a risk for public order. “No one wants to see our militant and hostile neighbor foment tensions in our home,” Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said, adding the move came following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “We will not afford Russia the opportunity to use the past to disturb the peace in Estonia.

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