US: uv vs. CO2: These mosquito traps really work

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Mückenfalle © peashooter / mosquito trap mosquitoes and their stings nobody wants to endure in summer, but how can you get rid of them? A mosquito trap can prevent mosquito bites. But which mosquito trap works? How to survive the summer without itchy stitches.

home remedies are never 100 percent effective, chemistry is not necessarily health -promoting and traditional mosquito hunt at 3 a.m. in the bedroom is not necessarily everyone. mosquito traps have been sold as UV traps in retail for years. They should attract the mosquitoes with UV light and then either catch them on a glue strip or put out of action with an electric shock. That doesn't sound nice, but particularly comfortable and effective. But especially when something sounds too good to be true, it is unfortunately mostly over.

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UV mosquito traps

UV mosquito traps sound promising, but are anything but environmentally friendly and effective. Contrary to the popular opinion, mosquitoes are not attracted to light. They rarely orient themselves visually, but based on heat sources and smell. This can be seen particularly well by mosquitoes that buzz around in the bedroom at night and, despite completely darkness, destroy them in a targeted manner. A mosquito will therefore never prefer a UV trap to a warm and "fragrant" person.

There are numerous insects that are not interested in humans, but are happy to fly towards the light or at least not deliberately avoid it. These include numerous moths, bees , wasps, fireflies and various beetle types . The harmless animals fly into the trap and die painfully there. In this way, mosquito traps primarily support species death in our gardens instead of actually helping against mosquitoes.

Asian tiger mosquito for the first time

 Asian tiger mosquito for the first time in Constance has been detected for the first time the Asian tiger mosquito. A chopstick made of eleven egg laying traps on Lake Constance was tested positively, the city said on Thursday. The animals are now to be organically fought biologically in the nearby area of ​​the site. For this purpose, a protein is used that kill the larvae of the black and white patterned mosquitoes, but should not harm all other animals and plants.

UV mosquito traps in closed rooms

Due to the considerable damage that a single mosquito trap can cause, the use of the UV traps outdoors is not allowed. According to the Federal ART Protection Ordinance (BartSchV), it is forbidden to catch or kill animals of particularly protected nature "with artificial light sources, mirrors or other illuminated or dazzling devices". Particularly protected species are over 100 butterfly and beetle species, all types of bees and bumblebee as well as hornets.

Whether you only want to catch mosquitoes through the mosquito trap does not matter, because you cannot rule out killing the endangered species. Mosquito traps may only be used in closed rooms, since there is a much lower probability that endangered species get lost in large masses.

CO2 mosquito trap

While there are still numerous dealers that pass UV mosquito traps, some manufacturers have now realized that light is not catching mosquitoes. In the meantime, there are also numerous mosquito traps based on CO2. However, since carbon dioxide is not only much more effective than simple UV light, but also much more expensive, these are usually very expensive and not available below 100 euros. Such an investment only makes sense if you live in an area in which it is almost impossible to sit outside in summer thanks to the mosquitoes.

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CO2 mosquito trap build

instead of buying an expensive CO2 mosquito trap from the trade, you can also build a mosquito trap yourself. This should of course be built in such a way that it primarily attracts mosquitoes and not numerous other insects. A good mosquito trap must therefore separate carbon dioxide and you get that by mixing sugar and yeast in water. Mixing sugar and yeast creates carbon dioxide, which in combination with water becomes carbon dioxide. As you build the trap, Masters Short The Life Hacker shows in the following video:

practical tip: Of course, the sugar also attracts other insects such as bees and wasps. The decisive advantage is that you still have the opportunity to save the other insects from the liquid, as they do not immediately die from an electric shock.

What Is Skeeter Syndrome? .
The bumps from mosquito bites are your body's reaction to the insect's saliva. Most mosquito bites are mild, resulting in a swollen patch of skin.The bumps from mosquito bites are your body's reaction to the insect's saliva. Most mosquito bites are mild, resulting in a swollen patch of skin where the bite occurred. Some bites can be hard and red, and you can just about count on all of them itching (via the CDC). Mosquito bites are one thing, but skeeter syndrome is another. While it sounds like something from a horror film, skeeter syndrome is real.

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