US: Nyck de Vries can joke: "Without halo I would now be even smaller"

Georgia Home Depot thief is the spitting image of Bradley Cooper

  Georgia Home Depot thief is the spitting image of Bradley Cooper The suspect, who bears a striking resemblance to a heavier Bradley Cooper, was caught on camera stealing a rotary laser from a Home Depot in McDonough on July 23. As Henry County Police put out a notice for help in tracking down the thief, many were quick to point out the suspect was a dead ringer for the Oscar-nominated actor.Others used the dopplegangers appearance to make jokes that Cooper was method acting or struggling to make ends meet as the cops' post received nearly 500 comments on Facebook over the last week.'You know it's hard times when Braddley is having to steal,' Facebook user Brooke Adams wrote.

Unfall zwischen Nyck de Vreis und Sebastien Buemi beim Formel-E-Rennen 2022 in Seoul © Motorsport Images Accident between Nyck de Vreis and Sebastien Buemi in the Formula E race 2022 in SEOUL

at the first race of the Formula E World Cup 2022 In Seoul, the Halo was once again rescuer in need. Because thanks to the cockpitsch protection, Mercedes-Pilot Nyck de Vries remained unharmed in the mass collision in the first round, even though he had slipped under the vehicle of Sebastien Buemi (Nissan-e-Dams) that was then on his car.

"Thank God we have Halo although I think it looked worse than it was," said de Vries of the English -language edition of ''. "Without halo, I would be even smaller than I am anyway," jokes the 1.67 meter tall Dutch. "Fortunately we have it and that saved me. It is good that we can laugh at it and don't have to cry."

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  Halo Infinite Details Changes Coming in Next Week's Update Next week Halo Infinite will receive a significant community-focused update making changes to visors and helmets and will add a new playlist.Currently, Halo Infinite is in the middle of its second season of content, titled Lone Wolves. Halo Infinite’s season 2 was initially intended as a shorter season, lasting less than Heroes of Reach before getting extended to accommodate for more development time on missing features for the game. As of this writing, Halo Infinite still lacks a Forge mode and a co-op campaign, although co-op is showing some signs of life with recent playtest sessions.

, however, also ensured that de Vries was initially caught in his cockpit. The Formula E-World Champion of 2021 was only able to get out after the Buemi car was recovered after long minutes.

on rainwet roads had slipped into the route limitation in the first round of the Saturday race in curve 21. Above all, the Bolide von Buemi, which was joined by de Vries, gave a spectacular picture, but according to the cockpit view, according to the Vreis, the accident looked not very dramatic.

"Actually it was pretty slow. If you watch the video, it almost looks like it is in slow motion," he says. When asked about the cause of the mass carambolage, de Vries says: "Difficult conditions, very bad view. And you know how it is: you see so little that you are oriented towards the cars around you at the brake point."

de Vries does not want to blame his rivals. The choice of correct braking point is his personal responsibility, according to the Mercedes pilot. "I think everyone was surprised, very simple."

"If you drive slightly outwards in curve 20], there is simply zero grip, and you can meet this concrete surface with a gully. And that's enough. I think everyone was just a bit late on the brake, and that Unfortunately it was the end of our race, "the Dutch summarizes the accident.

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