US: Breitenreiter strengthens Kramaric the back

Gladbach hopes for Plea effect-good debut for Farke

 Gladbach hopes for Plea effect-good debut for Farke After the perfect Bundesliga debt, Borussia Mönchengladbach's coach Daniel Farke is now hoping for the PLEA effect. © Marius Becker/dpa Gladbach's Marcus Thuram (M) meets Hoffenheim's Ozan Kabak (L) and goalkeeper Oliver Baumann to 2-1. The Frenchman had extended his contract in 2023 a day before the 3: 1 (1: 1) win against TSG Hoffenheim and thus set an important sign.

Amazing 19 months it took before Hoffenheim was again awarded a penalty. But this time the Croatian Kramaric failed due to Bochum's keeper Riemann.

Elfmeter-Fehlschuss gegen Bochum: Andrej Kramaric. © Getty Images Pens of deformation against Bochum: Andrej Kramaric.

only the goalkeeper's third false shot at the 23rd penalty

was Andrej Kramaric very close to his first goal of the season and at his first goal against VfL Bochum. But this time the goal scorer of the Hoffenheimers was unsuccessful. The Croat had long observed the goalkeeper and lurked on a treacherous movement, but Riemann stayed calm and only jumped into his right corner at the very last moment. So it stayed with 2-2 for the time being and Kramaric got the hair.

The ‘lock-‘em-up’ Libs have their big day

  The ‘lock-‘em-up’ Libs have their big day At times, the American Left is a voice of mercy, compassion, and suspicion of federal law enforcement. Ever since the Trump Era began, however, the chorus from the Left sounds less like the tunes of Jean Valjean and more like the proclamations of Inspector Javert. This week, the “Lock-Em-Up” Left has been loud. First there was the chorus of liberal journalists and Democratic politicians explaining that the government only uses its coercion power against ne'er-do-wells — that anyone fearing the feds is obviously a crook. Nervous? You must be hiding something. and and Personally, I think that government power is terrifying.

Even in some scenes before, the 30 -year -old "did not show the final quality that actually distinguishes him," also recognized coach Andrej Breitenreiter, which then continued at the penalty. Nevertheless, Breitenreiter knows exactly how important this key player is for his team. "Andrej has transformed the last penalty, he is a safe shooter, we also know that Manuel Riemann is an absolute penalty killer, that was not the first time that he kept one," said Breitenreiter, "We will discuss how we will discuss how We are dealing with it in the future, but I have totally strengthened Andrej's back during the game. He is a top player and will also reward himself with goals. "

"In training, he makes almost everyone in"

In fact, Kramarics Quote can still be seen from the point. In the 23rd attempt it was only the third false shot, "he also makes almost everyone in during training," confirms Robert Skov. So the serial shooter should not be questioned immediately. It may have been something from the exercise, because it was astonishing 19 months ago that the TSG had previously been granted the last penalty in the Bundesliga. That was in January 2021 in the 3-0 success against 1. FC Köln, at that time Kramaric even turned two penalty to 1-0 and 3: 0.

At 75, India’s democracy is under pressure like never before

  At 75, India’s democracy is under pressure like never before NEW DELHI (AP) — The Aug. 5 demonstrations by India’s main opposition Congress party against soaring food prices and unemployment began like any other recent protest — an electorally weak opposition taking to the New Delhi streets against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s massively popular government. The protests, however, quickly took a turn when key Congress lawmakers led by Rahul Gandhi — Modi’s main opponent in the last two general elections — trooped to the Parliament, leading to fierce standoffs with police.

So Breitenreiter had appealed to certain scenarios before the season to provoke more penalty -ready situations in the future. Christoph Baumgartner probably listened to the trainer very well. The Austrian had penetrated the penalty area irresistible and had pushed the decisive tick in front of the Bochum Anthony Losilla and literally provoked his criminal foul. "He did a great job, I have to praise Baumi, he is a player with a high mentality and the overwhelming will to go into the sixteen in this situation," said the 48-year-old, "we discussed and trained. In such There are only two options: either he is through and has a 100 % chance of scoring, or there are penalty. But you have to do it and do not stop and not stop and go to the ball, but go to the front, he did a great thing now. Now it was great. We just have to shoot the penalty in. " Kramaric definitely has a try.

Transfer failed: No agreement with Cordoba .
exclusively reported the Hoffenheim interest and efforts last week to sign the former Bundesliga striker Jhon Cordoba (29). But the longer negotiations remained unsuccessful. © Imago Images He will probably not return to the Bundesliga: Jhon Cordoba. is the TSG push an alternative? It stayed with the attempt. According to kicker information, the efforts of the TSG to sign Jhon Cordoba have been unsuccessfully hired.

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