World: Demonstrations against Russia sanctions in Berlin

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Numerous people demonstrated on Saturday in Berlin against the politics of the Federal Government in the face of the Russian attack war in Ukraine. Participants of several demonstrations called for peace negotiations and an end to sanctions against Russia.

„Sanktionen gegen Russland beenden“ steht auf einem Plakat. © Annette Riedl/dpa "End sanctions against Russia" is on a poster.

They also turned against arms deliveries to Ukraine. Another requirement was the rapid repair of gas pipelines north stream 1 and 2 presumably damaged by sabotage, so that Germany could get more gas from Russia again and get through the winter well.

warned of posters before a third World War. At a rally at Alexanderplatz, a speaker demanded: "We will get our fatherland back". On a poster it was said there with a view to Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens): "Baerbock has to go".

Chaos choice in the capital: Does the traffic light have to tremble because of the new election in Berlin?

 Chaos choice in the capital: Does the traffic light have to tremble because of the new election in Berlin? The Union insists on it: A complete repetition of the Bundestag election in the capital must also be checked. An expert calculated what that would mean. © Photo: Michael Kappeler Wahl in Berlin.

for the event on Alexanderplatz under the motto "No more sanctions - craftsmen for peace", to which, according to the police, up to 800 people gathered in wet and cold weather, right -wing groups had called. According to the police, a person was temporarily arrested for resistance and assault against police officers.

A group called “Antimilitarian Action” protested with an art campaign against the Russian attack war. She distributed black plastic bags around the Russian embassy on the boulevard under the Linden, which reminded of light bags. To do this, she placed signs with the inscription "No war". With the campaign, they wanted to ask the Russian embassy members to work for an endangering war end, the group said.

Putin says the Crimea bridge blast was a 'terrorist act' carried out by Ukraine's 'special services' .
The Kerch Strait Bridge blast damaged a key supply route between Russia and its troops deployed in southern Ukraine. The bridge is also symbolically significant to Putin, who drove a truck over it in May 2018 to celebrate its opening — four years after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.Putin's allies are now pushing for retaliation for the blast, which killed at least three people.Amid Russia's ongoing invasion, Ukrainian officials have repeatedly accused Moscow of committing terrorist acts.

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