World: War in Ukraine: Moscow ratifies the annexation of the Ukrainian territories, Elisabeth borne rise

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"20 minutes" takes stock for you every evening on the advance of the conflict in Ukraine

Elisabeth Borne dans l'hémicycle ce lundi. © AFP Elisabeth Borne in the Hemicycle this Monday. Recap ' - "20 Minutes" takes stock for you every night on the progress of the conflict in Ukraine

Do you missed the latest events on tensions in Ukraine? Do not panic, 20 minutes takes stock for you every night, at 7:30 p.m. Who did what? Who said what? Where are we ? The answer below:

The info of the day

The spokesperson for the Kremlin , Dmitri Peskov, announced a "consultation" of the population to establish the borders of the regions of Donetsk , Luhansk, Kherson and de Zaporojie, whose annexation was ratified this Monday by the Russian Parliament. "We will continue to consult the population of these regions," he said, while fighting continues on the spot and the positions of the two camps remain evolving. Ukraine notably took over the localities of Zolota Balka and Myrolyubivka in the Kherson region.

Putin calls an additional 120,00 citizens up for military service

  Putin calls an additional 120,00 citizens up for military service The Russian leader said the mass conscription was 'not in any way related to the special operation' in Ukraine.State news agency TASS quoted Russia’s defence ministry as saying the announcement was ‘not in any way related’ to the conflict in Ukraine.

The sentence of day

We are determined that the crimes committed by Russia are documented, judged and punished

The Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne displayed the greatest firmness when he speaks to the National Assembly CE Monday. The government's chef denounced Russia's "cynicism" as well as the "atrocities" committed by its army. "So many acts that justify acting. So many monstrosities that Russia will have to answer, ”she insisted. Last month, the UN commission of inquiry recognized Moscow guilty of a "considerable number" of war crimes in Ukraine.

The number of day

60.430. This is an estimate of the Ukrainian armed forces on the number of Russian soldiers having been killed since the start of the war. The army of Vladimir Putin would also have lost 265 planes, 228 helicopters or 2,380 tanks.

A rare glimpse of daily life in occupied Ukraine

  A rare glimpse of daily life in occupied Ukraine Fear, loathing and defiance - how Ukrainians are coping under Russian control.Little has been heard about the daily struggles of people living in Russian-controlled areas. We found that experiences differ hugely, from a basic struggle for survival amid the ruins of Mariupol, to fleet-of-foot improvisations in places like Kherson - a city which found itself occupied with barely a shot being fired. But - whether the takeovers were bloodless or brutal - the same battle for identity is being waged.

these are the indicative estimates of russia’s combat losss as of Oct. 3, According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

- The Kyiv independent (@kyivindependent) October 3, 2022

The trend of day

Release the pressure? No way. France plans to maintain the pressure exerted on Moscow , the subject of economic sanctions for many months. "Our goal has been the same from the start: to make the cost of war unbearable for Russia, to hit its economy hard, to prevent it from financed its offensive," repeated Elisabeth Borne . France also plans to strengthen its military support to the Ukrainian army with new deliveries of equipment, in particular 6 to 12 Caesar guns.

Mondeguerre in Ukraine: "The army of kyiv is progressing but the task is still immense" Mondeguerre in Ukraine: the Russian Parliament ratifies the law on the annexation of four Ukrainian regions

‘Ukraine is going to win’: Estonia’s departing spy chief opens up on Putin’s war .
‘Ukraine is going to win’: Estonia’s departing spy chief opens up on Putin’s war“Seven years, it’s a long time,” Marran tells me from his modest office in a modern new building contained within a small fortress complex in the Rahumäe district of Tallinn, the country’s capital. “The other day I calculated how many CIA directors I’ve met during my term as a director: four, plus two MI6 directors. I’m the most senior foreign intelligence chief in the circle right now. And I'm probably the youngest still.

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