World: London and Paris struggle for migration over English Channel

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with a pact with France, the British government wants to redeem one of its most important election promises and significantly reduce illegal immigration over the English Channel.

Eine Gruppe von Personen, bei denen es sich vermutlich um Migranten handelt, wartet auf ihre Registrierung in Dover. © Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/dpa A group of people who are probably migrants are waiting for their registration in Dover.

Interior Minister Suella Braverman signed the agreement in Paris with her colleague Gérald Darmanin, which for the first time stipulates that British civil servants are sent to France as an observer - and vice versa. The number of police officers used on northern France coast is to be increased by 40 percent, and new surveillance technology is also to be used.

Italy stops 35 migrants from getting off rescue ship in port

  Italy stops 35 migrants from getting off rescue ship in port CATANIA, Sicily (AP) — Italian authorities prevented 35 migrants they did not deem vulnerable from getting off a boat in Sicily on Sunday as Italy's far-right-led government takes a hard line against privately operated maritime rescue ships in Italian waters. The impact of a directive ushered in by Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi became clearer overnight. The Humanity 1, carrying 179 rescued passengers, was given access to the Sicilian port, but three other rescue boats run by non-governmental organizations and carrying 900 more people remained at sea.

is mainly London for this. An amount of 72.2 million euros is scheduled for the period 2022/2023. In particular, both countries want to take illegal entry from Albania. According to British information, almost a third of the migrants come from there who make it over the English Channel. This is mainly due to the fact that criminal Albanian gangs control the refugee camps in northern France, it was recently said in London. France now also assured investments in recording centers in southern France. Migrants coming from the Mediterranean are to be held away from going to the canal coast and receiving a safe alternative.

As many migrants than ever

The unexpected immigration is one of the greatest concerns of the conservative British government, although the number of arriving migrants is significantly lower than in most EU countries. For years, however, the number of those who make it into the country via the English Channel - although London has been promising to solve the problem for a long time. At the weekend, more than 1800 people again reached the British coast in small, often sea -fitting boats. This year there is already more than 41,000 - significantly more than in the year 2021 and more than ever.

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had promised the government that Brexit would end the freedom of movement. A sophisticated system is said to control migration since then. But even the most radical plans of the conservative hardliners do not scare people. This includes the idea of ​​flying out to Rwanda in an unauthorized manner - regardless of their background. People should then apply in the East African country, they are not allowed to return to Great Britain. But the internationally sharply criticized project is still being challenged in court.

In the past, dealing with migration over the English Channel was often a bone of two between the two countries. Recently, however, there was a lot of praise, France is said to have prevented almost 30,000 crossing attempts. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was confident that the deal would reduce the number of crossings.

dangerous crossings

The agreement came about ten days before the anniversary of a disaster in the English Channel: on November 24, 2021, 27 people drowned when their rubber boat capsized. The danger remains. At the weekend alone, 170 migrants who were on their way to Great Britain with small boats were saved from the French coast alone.

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But human rights activists and observers are skeptical that the contract will improve the situation. The refugee organization Refugee Council called for London to ensure safe entry routes and work closer together with the EU. Lucy Moreton from the British border protector union ISU told the broadcaster Times Radio to stop migrants and then forced to relieve again, the situation does not change. In northern France, thousands of people are waiting for a crossing.

is the often chaotic situation in Great Britain. As Refugee Council announced, citing the inner mini, more than 120,000 people recently waited for editing their asylum application - almost four times as many as in December 2017.

Diphterie Falls in English Recording Melicians

recently caused a sensation in the Southeastern English warehouse Manston. Developed for 1600 people, some of up to 4000 migrants were housed there. Finally, there were several diphteria cases. The conservative government relies on hardness. The responsible inner state secretary Robert Jenrick claimed at the weekend that migrants explained the UK's generosity. "" Hotel Britain "must have an end," wrote the politician, demanding easier accommodation for people: "Illegal immigrants are not entitled to luxury hotels."

observers warn that the tone of heating and right -wing extremism, which is often perceived as ravine. Just a few weeks ago, a white man hurled several fire sets to a recording station in Dover.

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