World: Iraq. New Iranian strikes against his Kurdish opponents, Washington "firmly" sentences

Iran's drones are unlikely to help Russia win in Ukraine — and could backfire for Tehran

  Iran's drones are unlikely to help Russia win in Ukraine — and could backfire for Tehran After months of denials, Iran's government admitted to shipping lethal drones to Russia — but claimed it happened before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian over the weekend publicly confirmed the drone shipments, but U.S. Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley refuted his claims about their timing.

Des drones de l'armée iranienne, le 25 août 2022, en Iran. © AFP Photo / Ho / Iranian Army Office of Iranian Army drones, August 25, 2022, in Iran.

at least one person was killed and eight others were injured in a new series of Iranian strikes in Iraq on Monday, November 14, 2022. The United States said they "firmly" condemn these strikes aimed at Iranian opposition groups .

The Iran launched a new series of missile and drone strikes Monday, November 14, 2022 against of Iranian opposition groups based in neighboring Kurdistan. At least one person was killed and eight others were injured, according to local officials.

The Iranian power accuses these groups, for a long time in its sights, of stirring up the troubles in Iran, faced with demonstrations since death in detention on September 16 of the young Iranian Kurdish Mahsa Amini , arrested three days earlier by the moral police in Tehran.

Northern Iraq: A new base for Iran's protest movement?

  Northern Iraq: A new base for Iran's protest movement? Iran recently bombed sites in northern Iraq, saying "terrorists" there were behind Iran's ongoing anti-government protests. Terrorist groups based over the border in Iraq have incited peaceful protesters and have "nefarious terrorist goals," Iran's delegation to the United Nations wrote in a dramatic letter to the UN Security Council in mid-October. The letter was sent after Iran had bombed four areas of neighboring Iraq, sending more than 70 missiles over the border in what was the country's biggest cross-border strike since the 1990s.

Iran confirms these new strikes

Iran has confirmed strikes against “terrorist groups” based in the autonomous region of Kurdistan of Iraq (North), bordering on Iranian territory.

"Five Iranian missiles targeted a building from the Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iran (PDKI)" , told AFP Tariq al-Haidari, mayor of Koysanjaq, a city located east of Erbil, the Capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. "There is a dead and eight injured. These are Iranian Kurds ”, detailed the Ministry of Health in the Autonomous Region.

Videos circulating on social networks have shown black smoke plumes rising in the sky, after the strikes.

drone strikes at the same time, "Four drone strikes" targeted the basics of the Iranian communist party and the Iranian Kurdish nationalist group Komala in the Zrgoiz sector, explained Atta Seqzi, a local chief of Komala, joined by AFP.

Iran strikes again with artillery and drones against Kurdish groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

 Iran strikes again with artillery and drones against Kurdish groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. © supplied by News 360 Archive - Hosein Salami, Head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guardians - - / Islamic Revolutionary Guard Co / DPA The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have proceeded to new missile and drone strikes against positions Kurdish groups in the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, in the north of the country, in a context of tensions in recent months.

According to him, the activists were "warned of the imminence of the strikes" and evacuated the installations. "There is neither died nor injured" .

At the end of the day, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs A "condemned with the greatest firmness" These strikes, which "Entrint on Iraqi sovereignty" , ensuring that it would take "high -level diplomatic measures , without however detailing them.

In Iran, an Iranian military source confirmed attacks with "missiles and drones" against "seats of terrorist parties" in Iraq.

The people targeted were "terrorists who actively participated in the riots of the last two months, in particular by causing fires against banks and administrative buildings in several localities" of Iranian Kurdistan, said General Mohammad-Taghi Osanlou, Commander From a base of the Revolutionary Guardians, the Iran's ideological army, on public television.

"We have nothing to do with the attack": Kurdish PKK rejects Erdogan's accusation after the assassination

 After the explosion in Istanbul, the Turkish government showed a suspect that should be part of the YPG: the PKK close to the Syrian-Kurdish militia distanced itself from the attack. © Photo: Delil Souleiman Syrian Kurds with the flag of the PKK. Photo: Delil Souleiman / AFP) The Kurdistan workers' party, the PKK, condemns the bomb attack in the Istanbuler shopping street Istiklal and rejects the Turkish government's information.

The Iranian authorities describe as "riots" The demonstrations against the death of Mahsa Amini . Iran has accentuated its attacks on these Iranian Kurdish opposition groups since the start of protests.

At the end of September, at least fourteen people were killed and 58 injured, "mostly civilians ", in Iranian bombings, according to the anti -terrorist forces of Kurdistan of Iraq.

Iran, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran said on Monday, will not remain "Silent in the face of threats from separatist terrorist groups" in Kurdistan of Iraq.

Washington "firmly" condemns

The UN mission in Iraq A "condemned these new attacks of drones and missiles in Kurdistan which violate the sovereignty of Iraq" . Same reprobation on the part of the United States.

“We firmly condemn the pursuit of missile and Iran drone attacks against the Iraqi Kurdistan region. We ask Iran, which has repeated and shamelessly violated the sovereignty of Iraq, to ​​end these attacks, ", said the spokesperson for the State Department, Ned Price, in a statement.

The Kurdistan of Iraq, whose authorities have very tense relations with the central government of Baghdad, is also regularly the theater of Turkish bombing.

In the border areas of Turkey, Ankara aims at the rear bases of the Kurdistan workers' party (PKK), a Turkish Kurdish armed group that Turkey and its Western allies consider "terrorist" .

demo after Turkish attack on Kurdish positions .
in response to air raids from the Turkish military against Kurdish positions in northern Iraq and in northern Syria demonstrated a few hundred people in several German cities on Sunday. In Frankfurt, the police spoke in an initial estimate of around 200 participants who had drawn peacefully from the main train station towards the city center. In Berlin, a demonstration in Neukölln started in the late afternoon with 360 participants, as the police said. © Hannes P.

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