World: Brazil criticizes the leaders who go to private jet to COP27, where Bolsonaro is absent for the second consecutive year.

COP27 summit opens as world races against climate clock

  COP27 summit opens as world races against climate clock The UN's COP27 climate summit kicked off Sunday in Egypt after a year of extreme weather disasters that have fuelled calls for wealthy industrialised nations to compensate poorer countries. - Money focus - The COP27 summit will focus like never before on money -- a major sticking point that has soured relations between countries that got rich burning fossil fuels and the poorer ones suffering from the worst consequences of climate change. Developing nations have "high expectations" for the creation of a dedicated funding facility to cover "loss and damage", UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell said on Friday.

Jair Bolsonaro et le ministre de l'Environnement Joaquim Leite. - FREDERICO BRASIL / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO © supplied by News 360 Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of the Environment Joaquim Leite. - Frederico Brasil / Zuma Press / Contactophoto

The Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Joaquim Leite, criticized on Tuesday the "leaders and businessmen" who went to Egypt by private plane to attend the United Nations Summit on the Climate (COP27), in whom the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, refused to participate for the second time.

"Philanthropes, leaders and businessmen, as well as their still exaggerated number of advisers, arrived in private jet in the luxurious seaside resort of the Red Sea to require others to reduce emissions", Criticized Mr. Leite after he appeared that President elected Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva had traveled in one of these planes.

COP27: Berlin criticizes the situation of human rights in Egypt

 COP27: Berlin criticizes the situation of human rights in Egypt © Thaier Al-Sudani / Reuters of the participants visit the International Convention Center of Charm El-Cheikh where the COP27 climate summit will be held in the Seaside resort of Charm El-Cheikh, in Egypt, November 5, 2022. The representative of the German government for human rights denounces the situation in Egypt, while the country welcomes COP27 from Sunday.

Mr. Leite rejected the proposals of the participants in Reunion on the climate held in the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh, calling them "completely disconnected from the reality of the different regions of Brazil and the world", For example reference to the use of "modern hydrogen cars or one hundred percent electric".

"Governments are responsible for acting in a rational manner on this agenda, without populist and utopian discourse," said Mr. Leite, during his speech at the top of the climate, to whom Bolsonaro, who was strongly criticized for his environmental policies, did not participate one more year.

While last year, he had decided not to participate in the event organized in Glasgow after being criticized for his management of fires in the Amazon, this time, this summit and the G20 summit held Bali, in Indonesia, coincided with his defeat in the elections, which led him to impose a kind of voluntary imprisonment while Lula is now president.

Since he lost the elections on October 30, Mr. Bolsonaro rarely left the Alvorada Palace, the official residence of the President, and has limited his interventions on social media as much as possible.

His allies and party colleagues have gone from an initial understanding to a certain anger at his ostracism and accuse him of not doing enough to be the leader who needs, while his supporters are still on the streets To shout at the coup and protest against Lula's victory.

Bolsonaro contests Brazil election loss, wants votes voided .
BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — More than three weeks after losing a reelection bid, President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday blamed a software bug and demanded the electoral authority annul votes cast on most of Brazil’s nation’s electronic voting machines, though independent experts say the bug doesn't affect the reliability of results. Such an action would leave Bolsonaro with 51% of the remaining valid votes — and a reelection victory, Marcelo de Bessa, the lawyer who filed the 33-page request on behalf of the president and his Liberal Party, told reporters.

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