World: G20: A lack of support for poor countries - Criticism of Germany

Vladimir Putin could skip G20 summit over fears another foreign leader intends to 'slap him'

  Vladimir Putin could skip G20 summit over fears another foreign leader intends to 'slap him' Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was re-elected to the Senate for a third term, the Associated Press has projected, defeating Democratic challenger Val Demings. Photo: Joe Skipper/Reuters

Development organizations have complained about insufficient support from the group of rich business powers (G20) for poor countries. In the possibility to cede so-called special educational rights for funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the fight against poverty and hunger for low-income countries, there were no new commitments or schedules, and was criticized on Wednesday in Nusa Dua at the G20 summit in the Indonesian Bali.

Auf dem G20-Gipfel in Bali wurde die unzureichende Unterstützung der reichen Wirtschaftsmächte für arme Länder beklagt. © AP At the G20 summit in Bali, the insufficient support of the rich business powers was complained about for poor countries.

also came under criticism. "Although the G20 encourages all members to financially relieve countries with low and medium-sized incomes, Germany will not be the only G7 country to meet this call," said Marwin Meier from World Vision. Germany is sitting at more than $ 30 billion from reserve offenses, especially for this purpose.

at G20, Vladimir Putin, a very present absent

 at G20, Vladimir Putin, a very present absent © Sputnik in the G20, Vladimir Putin will be represented by his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, who arrived this Sunday in Bali. Reuters/Sputnik/Gavriil Grigorov officially, it is for questions related "to his agenda" and to the "necessity that he is in Russia" that Moscow pretended the absence of Vladimir Putin at the top of the G20 which officially starts this Tuesday in Bali (Indonesia).

Nothing happens because of "hereditary -vivid discrepancies" between the federal government and the Bundesbank, said Meier. The special educational law is a reserve cut introduced by the currency fund, which provides all member states additional financial scope. Large IMF members can cede their rights to poorer states. The declared goal is actually to bring 100 billion US dollars together for voluntary contributions for needy countries. So far,

has only been reached 82 billion. "The process seems to have stalled," said Friederike Röder from Global Citizen. The G20 is far from reaching the 100 billion goal. "Even worse: nothing has moved since October, although France has already increased its share to 30 percent," said Röder. (dpa)

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