World: China wanted to prevent resolution: UN Human Rights Council decides investigation against Iran

Blaming Kurds for unrest, Iran threatens Iraq with offensive

  Blaming Kurds for unrest, Iran threatens Iraq with offensive BAGHDAD (AP) — A senior Iranian military official visiting Baghdad this week threatened Iraq with a ground military operation in the country’s north if the Iraqi army does not fortify the countries’ shared border against Kurdish opposition groups, multiple Iraqi and Kurdish officials said. Such an offensive, if carried out, would be unprecedented in Iraq, and raise the specter of regional fallout from Iran's domestic unrest, which Tehran has portrayed as a foreign plot without offering evidence.

Experts should document violations of human rights in Iran and collect evidence. In this way, those responsible should be held accountable.

Proteste in Teheran. © Photo: Photo: Reuters/Wana News Agency Protests in Tehran.

The UN Human Rights Council has decided on an independent examination due to persistent violence against peacefully demonstrators in Iran . Experts are supposed to document violations of human rights and collect evidence in order to be able to hold responsible for the violence of a day, as Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) said.

The Council passed a corresponding resolution with 25 yes to 6 no votes on Thursday in Geneva, with 16 abstentions.

Baerbock had specially traveled to give the thousands of people who use a voice in Iran only for a life in dignity and without discrimination, as she said ..

China tried the last minute, the paragraph who the independent examination demanded to delete from the resolution. The German ambassador declined this on behalf of the supporters, and the application had no chance in a vote. (dpa)

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