World: Ukraine without electricity: this incredible photo taken of space shows the country plunged into dark

The US military is scrambling to build more ammo for itself and for Ukraine, but old Army paperwork could get in the way

  The US military is scrambling to build more ammo for itself and for Ukraine, but old Army paperwork could get in the way It appears that the problems are essentially administrative, but administrative snafus can still have real consequences.Government officials on Tuesday said water had been fully restored, but some 20,000 apartments in the Kyiv region remained in the dark — an increasingly common reality for many Ukrainians as Russia targets the country's energy and power sources in an effort to freeze the country out as autumn turns to winter.

Cette image montre l'Ukraine entièrement plongée dans le noir. Reuters/Nasa Worldview © NASA This image shows Ukraine entirely immersed in darkness. Reuters/Nasa WorldView The photo is incredible. In an enlightened Europe, a big black spot: it is Ukraine, without electricity, entirely immersed in the dark . NASA has unveiled its WorldView tool via , a photo taken Wednesday from the space on which we can clearly distinguish Ukraine, victim of huge power cuts after strikes a few hours earlier by Russia. Russia pulled around 70 cruise missiles on Ukraine on Wednesday, 51 of which were slaughtered, according to kyiv. These strikes have targeted key energy infrastructure, already damaged by several waves of bombing of this type. According to the Ministry of Energy in Ukraine, these strikes left without electricity "the vast majority of consumers" in the country which had around 40 million inhabitants before the war. Towards a gradual return of electricity to kyiv, struck by an icy rain that fell on snow , around 70% of the population remained deprived of current Thursday morning, according to the town hall. The water supply was restored in the early afternoon, according to the town hall, while temperatures were barely zero degree. In Kharkiv, the second city in the country at the border with Russia, "electricity supply problems" persisted, notably said Governor Oleg Synegoubov in the morning. "Electricity is provided to all regions of Ukraine ," said Kyrylo Timochenko, deputy chief of the president of Ukraine on Thursday afternoon. “The first thing that was relaunched is the objects of critical infrastructure. Now, connection to the network of residential consumers continues gradually, "he also added, announcing the opening of some 4,000 heating points across the country.

Mysterious aircraft dropped bombs near a base for Russia's Wagner Group mercenaries fighting in Central African Republic .
Wagner fighters have been blamed by the UN for numerous atrocities and human rights violations in the Central African Republic, among other countries.The attack occurred Monday morning local time at a base in Bossangoa, which is a town located in the middle of the country, nearly 200 miles north of the capital city Bangui, according to multiple reports. It was not immediately known where the aircraft came from, or from which entity it may belong to, nor was it clear how many casualties the group suffered.

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