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World: New conversations between Ankara and Moscow about a grain agreement are recorded in Turkey

As Turkey Bombs U.S. Partners in Syria, White House Says Russia Capitalizes

  As Turkey Bombs U.S. Partners in Syria, White House Says Russia Capitalizes "The Russians will try to take advantage of whatever divisions they can for their own benefit," the National Security Council's John Kirby said.Answering Newsweek's question during a virtual press call Friday, National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said that it was "a concern of ours right now that Turkish operations in northern Syria could have an effect on the SDF" and "could affect our ability to stay partnered with them on a daily basis.

The deputy Foreign Minister Sedat ÖNAL and his Russian colleague Sergei Vershinin took up two -day discussions on Thursday in Istanbul, for the current status of indirectly between Kyiv and Moscow to check Turkey signed grain export agreement.

Archiv - Getreidemakler im Hafen von Odessa - -/Ukrinform/dpa © provided by news 360 archive - grain broker in the port of Odessa -/Ukrinform/dpa

During his visit, the Russian diplomat will visit the joint coordination center in Istanbul, which will visit the implementation of the drainage agreement between Russia, Ukraine and the UNO monitored, the Russian embassy announced on Thursday on her Twitter account.

in the middle of the Turkish preparations for a new offensive against the Kurdish militias in northern Syria, which Ankara sees as terrorist organizations, Ankara and Moscow will also have an exchange of views of the civil war in Syria, according to the Russian note.

Russia and Ukraine agreed in mid -November to extend a agreement that was concluded in July on the export of cereals from Ukrainian ports, the United Nations confirmed shortly after Kyiv had confirmed that the pages had agreed on its validity by To extend 120 days.

deportations, bans on entry, secret services: that far goes Sweden for Erdoğan's "yes" to NATO .
Sweden has been waiting for the Turkish approval of her NATO membership for months. A previously unknown government document shows how far the country has already gone. Can Ankara be soothed with it? in spring everything seemed clear. Sweden, Finland and Turkey agreed at the Madrid NATO summit in June.

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