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World: Search for emergency accommodation: Berlin hardly becomes Mr.

Berlin election: Friedrich Merz does not want to make election campaign for Kai Wegner

 Berlin election: Friedrich Merz does not want to make election campaign for Kai Wegner CDU boss Friedrich Merz, according to media reports, does not want to support Berlin's CDU top candidate Kai Wegner in the election campaign. As the Tagesspiegel Checkpoint writes, no common appointments are planned. © provided by Berliner Zeitung The reasons for this are not exactly clear. Apparently the federal leadership should be dissatisfied with Kai Wegner. The situation is different with the SPD.

Die Regierende Bürgermeisterin Franziska Giffey (SPD) und Katja Kipping (Linke) im ehemaligen Flughafen Tempelhof © dpa The Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) and Katja Kipping (left) in the former Tempelhof

Airport. The number of asylum seekers in Berlin has increased significantly this year , In addition, thousands of war refugees from Ukraine arrive in the German capital every month. With emergency accommodation and provisional dwellings, the city tries to master the situation.

The Governing Mayor expects many other refugees in the coming year. "You have to prepare for people to flee to us and continue to hold the numbers," said Franziska Giffey (SPD) of the German Press Agency.

The city now wants to try to significantly increase the number of accommodation places. It is checked whether the International Congress Center ICC, which is currently empty, can be used for this. The former congress building, which belongs to the state of Berlin and has been disputed by its further use for years, was already used in 2016/17 as a first place for refugees . According to Giffey,

Asylum accommodation in Naunhof: District Administrator withdraws

 Asylum accommodation in Naunhof: District Administrator withdraws from the table, the accommodation in the manor house Naunhof is not yet, emphasizes the Meißner district administrator Ralf Hänsel. The AfD still joys. © Kristin Richter The manor house in Naunhof is under discussion as accommodation for asylum seekers. © Kristin Richter Meißen. The Meißner District Administrator Ralf Hänsel (CDU) has withdrawn his objection to a district council decision on the asylum accommodation in Naunhof. This is confirmed by several district councils.

is also possible to build lightweight buildings, as should be done in the arrival center for refugees on the former Tegel airport. Refugees from Ukraine arrive there. Actually, they should only be registered there and - if they are not distributed to other federal states - do not spend more than two to three days there until they get a place to live in Berlin.

Currently there are 230 Ukrainians in Berlin every day. In fact, it often takes several weeks in which you have to sleep in double -decker beds and live between stuff. In the meantime, there are more than 2,000 people in Tegel who persevere there for several weeks because the city cannot find accommodation faster. According to Giffey,

currently arrives an average of 230 refugees from Ukraine in Berlin. In total, the city initiated 360,000 people from Ukraine in the year. Around 100,000 of them remained in Berlin, around 80,000 already had a residence permit.

CDU members are ashamed of Bautzner District Administrator

 CDU members are ashamed of Bautzner District Administrator © DPA Central picture in a Facebook video, Udo Witschas (left) said that he does not want to "let sport for this asylum policy bleed": Now the Bautzner District Administrator, his statements have been torn from the context. It took a day for the “Christmas message” of the district council of the Bautzen district to also react a reaction in the CDU headquarters in Berlin.

lightweight buildings are of course "no permanent solution" to accommodate refugees, Giffey admits. The city therefore also prepares “modular housing buildings”, but their construction needs one year and therefore cannot remedy a quick remedy; The first of these buildings are to be completed at the end of 2023. That is why Berlin, says the SPD politician, continues to rely on emergency shelters, such as at the former Tempelhof airport. Shortly before Christmas, accommodation for 840 refugees was opened in former hangars.

serious problems in the first reception center

, but it is far from the refugees from Ukraine, whose accommodation Berlin presents great challenges. In addition, there is the increase in asylum seekers. According to the Berlin State Office for Refugees (LAF), a good 7,700 asylum seekers were registered in 2021, in the first eleven months of this year there were more than 12,300.

In the initial reception center for asylum seekers in Berlin-Reinickendorf there is a traffic jam when registering, it is now 1800 people. There are also apparently problems with the security service. Employees were accused of extortion and coercion to forced prostitution. Social Senator Katja Kipping (Die Linke) vrs- Enlightenment. So far,

has created almost 30,000 accommodation places according to the Senate; Up to 10,000 more are to be added by the end of the year, Kipping has promised. How the numbers are developing is difficult to predict. According to Giffey, this also depends on the course of the war in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians wanted to endure at home in winter. "But when bombs fall, they go," says the ruling mayor.

After arrest in the BND: Federal government takes alleged spy infestation "very seriously" .
© dpa The headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Service in Berlin The Federal Government takes the alleged spy infestation in the Federal Intelligence Service "very seriously". The investigative authorities would be extensively supported in the investigation, said deputy government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann in Berlin on Wednesday. "The Federal Chancellery and the Chancellor were involved in this case at an early stage." further details did not provide Hoffmann, referring to the ongoing

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