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World: Germany continues to be attractive location

Louisville restaurateur known for helping teens get a second chance opens new location

  Louisville restaurateur known for helping teens get a second chance opens new location You might remember Barry Washington. After he saw a bunch of teens throwing bottles at passing cars he didn't just call police, he talked to them and gave them jobs .He struggled during the pandemic and closed his second street location in August but says he's happy to be back in a new location.Barry's Cheesesteaks moving & rebranding:"It's making a statement. It's giving them something different and also it's showing that the underdog can come back and make a restaurant that can work.

DeinGustrialization of Germany? No, because despite the exploding energy prices and increasing shortage of skilled workers, the feared burglary of foreign investments in Germany failed to do so this year.

Das Werk des US-Autobauers Ford in Köln - dort will Ford seinen weltweit ersten vollelektrischen Kleinwagen bauen © Oliver Berg/Picture-Alliance/dpa The work of the US car maker Ford in Cologne-Ford wants to build its world's first fully electric small car

"In the number of new settlements, it even looks a little better than 2021," says the managing director the federal business development agency Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), Robert Hermann. In 2021, a total of 1806 foreign companies had resolved in Germany or expanded their locations - an increase of seven percent.

Russia: Lawrow spokeswoman attacks Germany-"War Party"

 Russia: Lawrow spokeswoman attacks Germany- There are scenes that go around the world: Selenskyi alongside US President Joe Biden, poor in arm. Without the United States, Ukraine would hardly have been able to withstand Putin's attack. Last but not least, the US arms deliveries have ensured that Ukrainian troops were able to achieve success. © Picture Alliance/DPA/EPA Maria Sacharowa, the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (archive picture from 2015), has referred to Germany as a "war party".

"It continues to develop", says Hermann with a view of the year that ended. Final figures would be available in a few months.

trend towards future technologies

also with inquiries - where investments are initiated - there is a positive trend and no kink. "There is no reluctance to Germany," said Hermann in view of the debates about threatening dein industrialization by the drastically increased energy prices as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine.

Der Chiphersteller Intel plant eine große Fabrik in der Nähe von Magdeburg - hier ein Modell © Intel Corporation The chip manufacturer Intel plans a large factory near Magdeburg - here a model

This also shows that foreign companies are increasingly investing in future technologies - for example in the areas of semiconductor , battery production and recycling. "There are many companies here who want to invest a lot of money." The US chip manufacturer Intel, for example, announced in spring to want to build a facility in Magdeburg for 17 billion euros.

A battle over charter co-location reveals how deeply progressives are wrong

  A battle over charter co-location reveals how deeply progressives are wrong The war against excellence reared its ugly head again at a city Panel for Educational Policy meeting Wednesday night — this time as a verbal brawl between charter-school supporters, who sought approval for a co-location in a Sheepshead Bay school, and those who opposed it. Success Academy won its permission, but the battle revealed how deep the anti-academic fervor is inside New York City public schools. Students both for and against the co-location spoke, and the supplied talking points were quite obvious as many repeated the same ideas using the same words, but some ventured to share their own opinions.

Where are the Chinese?

top investor stayed the United States in the end of the year, by a large distance. "The dollar change course plays a huge role," said Hermann. Thanks to its strong upgrading to the euro, investments here are cheaper for American companies. Great Britain is in second place in the investors, which the GTAI sees as a result of the Brexit: "Anyone who is active in Germany secures access to the entire EU internal market." Neighbor France follows in third place.

, however, is no longer represented in the top ten China . "This has to do with the zero-Covid-Politk of the People's Republic because of which companies there neither come nor get out nor in," says Gtai boss Hermann. In the coming year there could be a comeback of Chinese investors, since Beijing has now loosened the strict politics.

In addition, Chinese investors will make it difficult to take over German companies, which is why they would change their strategy and settle themselves here. "Therefore, in 2023 there could be more Chinese companies that come to Germany."


German military swaps APCs for NATO force after breakdowns .
BERLIN (AP) — Defense officials said Monday that Germany is readying decades-old armored personnel carriers for a key NATO force after the modern vehicles that should have been deployed suffered a mass breakdown. Germany is scheduled to take the rotating lead of NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, or VJTF, on Jan. 1. The German army's 37th Panzergrenadier Brigade had originally earmarked dozens of modern Puma APCs for the force, but during a recent military exercise all 18 Pumas deployed suffered technical failures.Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said the 42 Pumas earmarked for the NATO force will be replaced with much older Marder vehicles.

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