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World: Vladimir Putin offers mysterious rings to eight foreign leaders

Lord of the Rings: Gandalf Forgetting the Blue Wizards Was a Legal Loophole

  Lord of the Rings: Gandalf Forgetting the Blue Wizards Was a Legal Loophole The Hobbit had a ton of funny scenes, but there was a legal aspect that made one of Gandalf's conversations with Bilbo absolutely hilarious.To balance that dark subject matter, the writers for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit used some comedic juxtaposition, inserting all kinds of funny, meme-making quips. While The Lord of the Rings franchise had numerous comical scenes, the best one was actually written to utilize a legal loophole.

  Vladimir Poutine offre de mystérieux anneaux à huit dirigeants étrangers © Konstantin Zavrazhin / Sputnik / AFP

V Ladimir Putin brought together the leaders of the Community of Independent States (CEI) for the traditional annual meeting on December 26 in Saint -Petersburg, and offered them a gift that marked the finest observers. The Russian leader organized the delivery to each head of state (including him) a gold ring, on which the symbol of the CEI is engraved, "Happy New Year 2023" and "Russia" in Russian. This group of nine countries under strong political influence of Moscow includes the Belarus of Loukachenko (the most faithful ally of the Russia ) but also the Armenia , the Azerbaijan , Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan , Moldova, Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan, all former Soviet republics.

Putin Cancels Crucial Parliament Address Amid Failing Campaign—Kremlin

  Putin Cancels Crucial Parliament Address Amid Failing Campaign—Kremlin It is a constitutional requirement for the Russian president to give an address to the legislature every year. Putin last addressed parliament in April 2021. "The president, of course, will not be announcing the address before the New Year, because now the schedule is already very tight," the Kremlin spokesman said, adding that Putin's address "will take place as early as next year." "We will orient and clarify the timing," Peskov said.

Nine rings? The image quickly became, for many, an obvious reference to the Lord of the Rings saga and its fantasy universe, imagined by J. R. R. Tolkien, a real cultural phenomenon since the 1960s which gave rise to cult adaptations to the cinema and in series . In his mythology, Tolkien brings about an enemy of the free world, Sauron, who forges a magic ring for each of the nine kings of men and thus bind them to his destiny, by the force of his witchcraft.

The creation of these rings is also the subject of a series produced by Amazon , decreed apocryphal by the members of the Tolkien family, whose first season was released in December 2022.

Putin Got Tired of Being the Hitler of the 21st Century and Decided to Play Lord of the Rings and Become A "Mighty Sauron".

Fact Check: Was Putin's Spokesman Caught Wearing $6 Million Watch?

  Fact Check: Was Putin's Spokesman Caught Wearing $6 Million Watch? Vladimir Putin's closest aide appeared to hide a watch from photographers, said to be worth several million dollars.As early as March 2022, the White House announced a series of sanctions against (among others) Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who it described as "a top purveyor of Putin's propaganda," and his immediate family.

he presented the participants of the infmmal summit of the commonwealth of independent states with rings with the symbol of the "commonwealth".

? Oleksiy Goncharenko (@goncharenkoua) December 27, 2022 Mythology

even taken up by certain Ukrainian officials, theory has enough to make you smile, but is part of a form of coherence: since the beginning of the conflict, the supporters of the Ukraine like to compare the conflict to an epic war between the good and the evil that Tolkien could have written, Vladimir Putin constituting the perfect Sauron. Ukrainian fighters often designate Russian soldiers like the "Orcs" , these brutal servants of evil in fantasy. Some have even created cards in the style of Tolkien, taking up the toponyms of his universe to adapt them to Eastern Europe.

The gift offers what to speculate to Internet users, who ironically wonder if the Russian president will hold the unity of the CEI thanks to the black magic he has instilled in the rings, like. It is not the first time that magic has been intervened in the conflict since the Russian state media has regularly compared the conflict to a war against demonic forces in Ukraine, the Ukrainian president being described as the Antichrist, even Satan even.

Vladimir Putin refuses to use the internet because he's afraid people will spy on him, the Wall Street Journal reported

  Vladimir Putin refuses to use the internet because he's afraid people will spy on him, the Wall Street Journal reported Russian President Vladimir Putin has historically avoided using the internet because he's worried that people may spy on his activity, per a report.Citing US and Russian officials, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that the Russian leader has long refused to be online, fearing digital surveillance. In doing so, he has become reliant on physical documents provided by advisors — including time-sensitive material.

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The present, however, long since lasts since observers, only Alexandre Loukachenko, the CEI leader closest to Putin, carried him. It should be noted that most of the other leaders are Muslim, and their religion prohibits the wearing of gold jewelry for men. This facade of unity is not enough to hide the strong dissensions which animate the community, which does not have the status of international organization: Armenia and Azerbaijan are for example in almost open border conflict since the war Haut-Karabakh who opposed the two countries in 2020. Ukraine was a member of the CEI until it left it in 2018, following the Russian Crimean invasion in 2015. Georgia has also Leaving the organization in 2008 after the invasion of part of its territory by Russia.

Another Putin critic dies after falling out a window .
Pavel Antov died Sunday after falling from a hotel window in India, making him the second critic of President Vladimir Putin to die this way in 2022.According to reports, Pavel Antov fell from a hotel window in Rayagada, India, just days after celebrating his 65th birthday. He was visiting the state of Odisha in eastern India.

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