World: India: witch hunt against humorists deemed "anti-Hindu"

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Une vue générale de la ville de Bombay où le théâtre où s'est produite Agrima Joshua a été vandalisé (image d'illustration). © Punit PARANJPE / AFP A general view of the city of Bombay where the theater where Agrima Joshua performed was vandalized (illustration image) .

We are witnessing in India an unleashing of digital threats against several comedians by Hindu fundamentalists. The hunt follows legal actions by the Minister of the Interior of Maharashtra against an actress.

From our correspondent in Bangalore,

It all started when a video by comedian Agrima Joshua resurfaced on social media. In this sketch, she is ironic about a project for a statue of the Hindu king Shivaji, in Bombay. “This magnificent statue of our Prime Minister Modi will power all of Maharashtra. It will also be equipped with GPS sensors and will fire lasers through the eyes against Pakistani terrorists, ”said the actress.

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The video dates from April 2019, but it has angered many Internet users and even the Minister of the Interior of the State of Maharashtra, who announced Sunday, July 12, legal proceedings against Agrima Joshua.

The actress may have apologized, the theater where she performed in Bombay was vandalized by supporters of the far right, while she faced calls for rape. Two internet users were arrested.

A giant witch hunt was launched all week long against numerous comics deemed "anti-Hindu". Other video clips were unearthed and their addresses or phone numbers were released.

Faced with this climate of terror, some have apologized, but many have defended freedom of expression. On Thursday, , 11 actresses released an video in which they sarcastically "apologize for making you want to rape." This Saturday, July 18, other artists continue to be threatened on the Internet.

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