World: Schalke search for sporty leadership: three models conceivable

Baumgart and Grammozis are candidates for Schalke

 Baumgart and Grammozis are candidates for Schalke Schalke 04 is looking for a coach again, and several questions arise: Should it only be someone until the end of the season who then makes room for someone who is not burdened? And then who would take over? Or should it be someone who comes now and directly receives a longer-term contract? Above all the names Steffen Baumgart and Dimitrios Grammozis are circulating. © imago images (Montage) In the Schalke focus: Steffen Baumgart and Dimitrios Grammozis (r.).

While Schalke is gradually stumbling towards safe relegation, the club is still looking for new sporting leadership - a sports director and a sports director are being sought. Various constellations are currently conceivable.

Peter Knäbel könnte von der Interims- zur Dauerlösung werden | SASCHA SCHUERMANN/Getty Images © Provided by 90min Peter Knäbel could change from an interim to a permanent solution | SASCHA SCHUERMANN / Getty Images

It would be a very important step if Schalke 04 should not only present the new sporting leadership, but also let it work as quickly as possible. It is important to plan the approaching relegation, tackle the next season in what will probably be 2. Bundesliga , align the squad, plan sales and purchases, and so on.

Big advantage: Grammozis can help plan Schalke's future

 Big advantage: Grammozis can help plan Schalke's future The decision of FC Schalke 04 to get the coach of the future now instead of relying on an interim solution until the summer has a significant advantage: Dimitrios Grammozis can help shape the inevitable rebuilding in detail . A comment from kicker reporter Toni Lieto. © imago images is now targeting Schalke: Dimitrios Grammozis. There were two options.

Instead, the club, i.e. initially the board of directors, seems to be far from ready to tighten and present the new sports director and the new sports director. In order to be able to set the course on a sporting level as early as possible, clarity is needed - but it still doesn't exist.

Schalke sucht weiterhin nach der neuen Sportlichen Führung | INA FASSBENDER/Getty Images © INA FASSBENDER / Getty Images Schalke is still looking for the new sporting leadership | INA FASSBENDER / Getty Images

At the moment, various models seem to be emerging which - according to the current circumstances and names - could represent the possibilities. The picture also brings three different scenarios into play.

Knäbel as a permanent sports director at Schalke? Schober could support

On the one hand, and that seems to be the most likely step at the moment, Peter Knäbel could stay in his role permanently. Since Jochen Schneider left, he has been responsible for the entire sporting sector. "Until further notice," as he has already emphasized several times.

Heidel denies responsibility for the Schalke crash: "Everything was great"

 Heidel denies responsibility for the Schalke crash: Before returning to the former club Schalke 04, the Mainz sports director Christian Heidel denied responsibility for the crash of the Royal Blues. © Provided by Heidel denies responsibility for the Schalke crash: "Everything was great" Before returning to his ex-club Schalke 04, the Mainz sports director Christian Heidel denied responsibility for the crash of the Royal Blues. "After me, many players were bought, coaches changed and structures changed.

He has been with the S04 since April 2018, and was previously the technical director of the Knappenschmiede. He already knows the club well and has a direct connection to the surrounding area and the local people through his home town of Witten. His last appearances were received positively by the fans, as he showed a completely different and much more confident external image than Schneider did.

# Knäbel : I am very happy that with Mike Büskens, Gerald Asamoah and Mathias Schober we have three original Schalke players who said during the big crisis that they would lend a hand. # S04 | ? ⚪️ | # S04PK

- FC Schalke 04 (@ s04) March 3, 2021

Should he stay in his position, this would correspond to the sports director. According to the picture, he would definitely trust himself to do this. Mathias Schober is currently working next to him, he also comes from the Knappenschmiede, where he was in charge of the sports management of the U8 to U19 teams. A combination of the two, who already know each other very well through their joint work, would correspond to the board and director principle.

Schalke trainer on the third attempt: Grammozis "spurred on" by rejections

 Schalke trainer on the third attempt: Grammozis Dimitrios Grammozis almost became Schalke trainer in autumn. He didn't mind that he was late in being signed. © Getty Images Delayed new Schalke coach: Dimitrios Grammozis. "It's right that I talked to Jochen Schneider at the time before he installed Manuel Baum", Grammozis confirmed conversations with Schalke back in September when he was presented on Wednesday afternoon. "Those were also very good conversations. Of course, you got a feel for the club back then." Now that Baum, whose successor

It is currently also conceivable, if only because of the names traded so far, that Knäbel should line up rather than lead. This scenario would be possible with a return of Horst Heldt or Erik Stoffelshaus, for example. Neither of the two would work as a sports director, so Knäbel - should he stay with the professionals - would have to move into this role.

Horst Heldt kommentierte die Gerüchte um seine Person nicht | Frederic Scheidemann/Getty Images © Frederic Scheidemann / Getty Images Horst Heldt did not comment on the rumors about himself | Frederic Scheidemann / Getty Images

Whether the 54-year-old would agree - uncertain and at least questionable. A few weeks ago, Bild had already reported that Stoffelshaus would only work as a board member, if at all. Heldt recently evaded inquiries about the alleged Schalke interest: "I don't want to say anything on the subject. Basically, I feel very comfortable here, we have many tasks." The focus is on the relegation of 1. FC Köln , he does not want to participate in speculation.

future without knuckles? Further candidates do not seem to be an issue anymore.

A third scenario: Knäbel returns to the Knappenschmiede after the transition phase, where he has done a very solid job so far. The new sports director, possibly Heldt or Stoffelshaus, would then be given a new one. With Rachid Azzouzi from Greuther Fürth and Rouven Schröder (previously Mainz 05 ), the tabloid names two candidates who should have a maximum of outsider chances.

Azzouzi had already canceled Schalke a few weeks ago, referred to an earlier request and explained how comfortable he felt in Fürth (via transfermarkt): "I'm happy that I can work here. I'm proud to be here in Fürth be." Schröder, in turn, had already been viewed very critically by the supervisory board when Schneider brought him into play. In addition, he should have doubts whether he could pack royal blue.

Does Schalke get a grammozis rangnique dilemma? .
It is the brutal reality of the football business. Dimitrios Grammozis will initially lead his third game on Schalke at the weekend, while in the background is discussing a completely changed athletic leadership. It also wobbles his coach chair tremendous - and without his own fault.

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