World: on hunger strike, Alexei Navalny threatened to be powered from force

Bellingcat Has Revealed War Crimes in Syria and Unmasked Russian Assassins. Founder Eliot Higgins Says They're Just Getting Started

  Bellingcat Has Revealed War Crimes in Syria and Unmasked Russian Assassins. Founder Eliot Higgins Says They're Just Getting Started "We might be at the tip of the iceberg"Ten years ago, Higgins was working a nondescript job in admin. During his downtime at his desk, he obsessively scoured the internet for publicly available footage from the Arab Spring that might give a clearer idea of what was happening on the ground. At that time, he was known in the online world as “Brown Moses”, the pseudonym he used on his “Brown Moses Blog”, where he posted analysis about what weapons were being used, and what groups had control of which town.

  En grève de la faim, Alexeï Navalny menacé d’être alimenté de force © Copyright 2021, Obs

Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, on hungry strike in his penitentiary since March 31, is threatened to be powered by the authorities, announced on Monday, April 12 his official Twitter account.

"It weighs 77 kg," said the account @Navalny, saying that he has lost eight kilos since the beginning of his action. "With regard to the seriousness of the hunger strike, the administration (prison) threatens it daily to force it", "he continues.

The Fault of Amnesty International to Alexei Navalny

The strength of a prisoner in Russia is authorized by law and can be done orally, rectally or by intubation. Such treatment is considered by human rights activists as a form of torture.

Russia. The opponent Alexei Navalny says he fever but continues his hungry strike

 Russia. The opponent Alexei Navalny says he fever but continues his hungry strike © Kirill KudryaVtsev / AFP Alexei Navalny during his trial on February 20. Alexei Navalny, the main opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, started last week a hunger strike. the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny , who started last week a hunger strike to complain about ill-treatment in prison, said this Monday, April 5 to have fever and a strong cough, but continue despite its strike.

denouncing the conditions of detention

Alexei Navalny, incarcerated for two and a half years because of a dark case of fraud largely seen as a pretext to imprison him despite the denials of the Kremlin, ceased to feed himself to denounce the Conditions of his detention in the prison colony of Pokrov, a hundred kilometers from Moscow.

Alexei Navalny, the man who poisons the Kremlin

he accuses the authorities to refuse him of adequate medical treatments for back problems that make him suffer and impede the functioning of his hands and his legs. According to his lawyers, he has a double herniated disc.

In addition, the opponent says to be "tortured" by deprivation of sleep , her jailers awaken her every hour during the night.

No access to a physician

The Russian authorities rejected all the accusations of Alexei Navalny, believing that he had all the medical attention he needed. "He still does not have access to a doctor," said his official Twitter account Monday.

Putin critic Navalny 'has cough and temperature'

  Putin critic Navalny 'has cough and temperature' The Russian opposition leader says three people in his prison unit are being treated for tuberculosis.Meanwhile, the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestiya said the 44 year old had been transferred to a medical unit with symptoms of a respiratory illness.

The most famous Kremlin detractor survived last summer at an poisoning by a neurotoxic agent developed by the Soviet army. The opponent accuses President Vladimir Putin and his intelligence services (FSB) for wanting to eliminate it, which Russian power denies, even refusing so far to investigate the attempt at assassination.

Vladimir Putin is intact out of his match against Alexei Navalny

on his return from Russia, after five months of convalescence in Germany, he was arrested on his arrival at Moscow airport, then quickly judged and sent in prison for violating judicial review as part of a previous case.

Russia: Navalny "In great danger", nearly 1800 supporters arrested during expressions .
© supplied by Le Parisien Le Parisien he is the number one enemy of Vladimir Putin and his days are once again in danger. According to UN experts, time press. Alexei Navalny is "in serious danger" and must be evacuated as quickly as possible. The four human rights experts mandated by the United Nations landed from a statement to make their appeal. "We urge the Russian authorities to ensure that Mr.

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