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World: Retreats, Unemployment Insurance ... Emmanuel Macron's speech, a right speech?

Bipartisan spending deal meets fresh resistance from key Democrats

  Bipartisan spending deal meets fresh resistance from key Democrats The bipartisan infrastructure deal endorsed by President Biden is facing fresh skepticism from key Senate Democrats who are concerned about plans to pay for the $973 billion package.Two major financing mechanisms for the spending proposal - repurposing unspent funds for unemployment benefits and state assistance - are meeting resistance from a group of Democratic senators who say higher corporate tax rates should be the primary revenue source. Leading the charge is Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.

Emmanuel Macron a prononcé sa huitième allocution depuis le début de la crise sanitaire, lundi soir depuis l'Élysée. Une allocution dont le volet politique s'inscrit, selon les analystes invités d'Europe 1 lundi soir, dans une dynamique de centre-droit, voire de droite, avec notamment la présentation des réformes de l'assurance-chômage et des retraites. © Ludovic Marin, AFP Emmanuel Macron delivered its eighth address since the beginning of the health crisis, Monday night from the Elysee. A speech whose political component is, according to the invited analysts of Europe 1 Monday night, in a dynamic of center-right, or even right, including the presentation of the reforms of unemployment insurance and pensions.

Sanitary ads, but also political. "This speech was perhaps the backbone of the original speech before the Delta Variant", Analysis Jean Garrigues, Historian and Chairman of the Parliamentary History Committee. Guest of Europe 1, Monday, to comment on the address of the head of state , in particular, mentioned the second part of the president's speech, bearing more on the economic recovery, the reforms , and " The more or less blurred calendar of certain reforms ", which will be engaged during the last eight months of its five-year.

Cannes: Pio Marmai's comments out of their context create the controversy

 Cannes: Pio Marmai's comments out of their context create the controversy © AFP the team of "The Fracture", directed by Catherine Corsini, was in press conference at the Cannes Film Festival to present the film. It was at that moment that the actor Pio Marmai would be taken verbally to Emmanuel Macron, attracting the wrath of the president's advocates. The remarks have actually been out of context. Go "Pet the mouth" Emmanuel Macron .

A speech of "right center", or even "well on the right", according to the other guests of Europe 1, the Mayor (LR) of Reims, Arnaud Faucet, or the member Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.


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"in the continuity of the liberal politics he has taken so far"

"on The political aspect, I saw and listened to a center-right president, "commented Arnaud Faucet, evoking the speech on the pension reform

. "It's difficult, as a Republican, to oppose the pensions' speech," he continues. "We have been asking for a decline in retirement age at 64 years. This is the sine qua non to save this distribution system," adds the mayor of Reims. "This notion of work, which needs to report more than social benefits, these are things to be adhered to. We must be objective. Tonight I say, I have heard a right center president." "It's a right center speech, and I would even say right on what is needed for France," reacts the member Jean-Christophe Cambadélis in turn. "His vision is a vision in the continuity of the liberal politics he has so far, with the

ads of macron, presidential dates, sanitary pass for the July 14th parade ... The news of this Monday

 ads of macron, presidential dates, sanitary pass for the July 14th parade ... The news of this Monday © Alain Jocard Emmanuel Macron addressed to the French, this Monday night, deploying the great means to impose vaccination. The News presidential speech: the new sanitary measures. Mandatory vaccination for caregivers and those in contact with fragile people, exhibited health places such as cinemas early next week and restaurants from the month of August ...

Unemployment Insurance Reform

and the pension reform", he continues. "An abusive simplification" reforms that affect a little more the right, but with, nevertheless, a left leg, represented by a part of more social speech, where are mentioned the youth and the education with, in particular, the Announcement of "engagement income" for unemployed youth and training.

"May the spirit of this speech be a right center speech, it seems evidence," revives the historian Jean Garrigues, evoking political and electoral coherence. However, he notes, "the regal aspects, security, identity, immigration have not been touched at all in this speech." A very clear gap with the national gathering speech, but also part of the Republicans, he says. "So we see that there is still a difference and that's why the mayor of Reims spoke of the right center '", insists the historian, according to whom we can not speak of a right speech, this being "an abusive simplification".

California makes change to pay unemployment benefits faster .
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration on Thursday announced a major change in how the state pays unemployment benefits, potentially unlocking payments for up to 100,000 people who have gone weeks or months without assistance. Getting unemployment benefits is a two-step process. First, state officials must decide if people are eligible. If they are, the state starts paying them. But those people must contact the state every two weeks to confirm they are still eligible to keep getting paid. Sometimes, state officials must investigate residents' eligibility after they have been paid.

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