World: The USA contacts China for a drop in Iranian

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Gross Purchases

Iran-Nucleaire-USA-China: The US contacts China for a drop in Iranian gross purchases LES USA CONTACTENT LA CHINE POUR UNE BAISSE DE SES ACHATS DE BRUT IRANIEN

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The USA Contacts China for a decrease in Iranian

crude purchases by Arshad Mohammed and John Irish

Washington / Paris (Reuters) - The United States has sought China through a diplomatic route about a reduction in its Iranian oil purchases, It was learned Tuesday from American and European representatives, while Washington seeks to convince Tehran to resume negotiations on the 2015 Agreement on Iranian nuclear power.

Iranian crude purchases by Chinese companies are seen as a life-saving buoy for Iran's economy facing US sanctions, which are intended to stop Iranian exports to push Tehran to make concessions on nuclear.

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"We are aware of the Iranian oil purchases made by Chinese companies," said a high American representative speaking under anonymity. "We used our means of sanctions to respond to Iran's circumvents, including trade with China, and will continue to do so if necessary".

However, continued this representative, "we did on this issue a diplomatic approach with China as part of our policy dialogue with regard to Iran and, in general, this is a more effective approach to answer our concerns ".

Separately, a European representative indicated that it was one of the issues raised by the number two of the US State Department, Wendy Sherman, during his visit to China at the end of July.

Beijing protects Tehran, said this representative, suggesting that one of the main storms for the West is the amount of oil that China gets from Iran.

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No comment was obtained immediately from the US State Department.

The estimates made by the KPLER firm situate Chinese imports of Iranian gross to an average of 553,000 barrels a day between January and August.

It is unclear to what extent Beijing could be listening to the Washington approach, while Sino-American relations have deteriorated this year at an unprecedented level for decades because of quarrels on a range of Topics - Human Rights and Coronavirus Pandemic in particular.

Washington and Tehran started last April indirect talks in Vienna, where the Common Global Action Plan (PAGC, or JCPOA) was signed in 2015, under the aegis of the global powers still stakeholders of the agreement. .

These discussions to bring Iran and the United States under the PAGC were adjourned in June, in the wake of the Iranian presidential election, which led to the victory of Ebrahim Raisi, a supporter of a Hard line with regard to the West.

X1 Tehran expressed its intention to resume the negotiations of Vienna in the coming weeks, without giving a precise calendar. Ebrahim Raisssi pointed out that he wanted a recovery of the talks to lead to the lifting of American sanctions. X1X1 (Reporting Arshad Mohammed to Washington and John Irish in Paris, with David Gaffen in New York; French version Jean Terzian) X1

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