World: French presidential: In Corrèze, Hollande has a minimum support at Hidalgo

Mayors take message of local action to UN summit

  Mayors take message of local action to UN summit GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) — On a train hurtling toward Glasgow, the mayors of Seattle and Freetown, Sierra Leone, greeted each other like long lost sisters, bonded by years of Zoom calls and collaboration in the fight against climate change. They lead cities on different sides of the economic and climate divide — one in the cool, northwestern corner of the one of the world’s richest nations; the other the capital of an impoverished country in the tropics of west Africa.

Anne Hidalgo et François Hollande, le 6 novembre 2021 à la Fête de la rose en Corrèze. © AFP - Pascal Lachenaud Anne Hidalgo and François Hollande, November 6, 2021 at the Rose Festival in Corrèze.

Anne Hidalgo was Saturday, November 6 in Corrèze, the electoral fief of François Hollande. A form of focus when the former president had shone by his absence during the nomination of the candidate of the Socialist Party. But it is an enthusiastic support that François Hollande posted.

with our special envoy to Brive, Aurélien Devernoix

Operation Redoubly for Anne Hidalgo. It is in the heirs that it appears alongside François Hollande: Heir to the social democracy, the agreement of Paris, of dignity to the attacks. The former president plays the game in the name of socialist continuity: "Make sure that with Anne Hidalgo, the story continues."

Lone French fisherman left adrift in UK-France fishing spat

  Lone French fisherman left adrift in UK-France fishing spat GRANVILLE, France (AP) — Soon-to-be father Hermann Outrequin felt optimistic in 2019 when he gave up his fishing company job of 16 years to go independent. The Normandy fisherman wanted a fresh start to have time for his newborn son. But now a political spat over fishing rights between Paris and London has thrown cold water over his plans. Staring out across the cold English Channel from the Granville coastline into the pre-dawn darkness, Outrequin says he regrets that decision and worries for his future.The 43-year-old has just been denied yet another permit to fish in U.K.

Video: Reconciliation operation for Anne Hidalgo and François Hollande (BFMTV)

support more by duty than by real enthusiasm. "Divided," he says, "there is no perspective. United, at least in a party, this allows to have the necessary momentum. "

A mitigated feeling

Anne Hidalgo is not fooled, but it is content with it: "When one counts former President of the Republic in his political formation, with the experience that is his, it is very important ... "

A feeling also mixed among party activists in La Rose. The Corrèze Socialist Federation had not opted for the Mayor of Paris when choosing the presidential candidate. But no question of playing the card of the disunity, as summarizes Jean: "We are PS, we are socialist and we continue to be. The Rose is the important part ! And There you go ! »

French police evacuates migrants from makeshift camp .
GRANDE-SYNTHE, France (AP) — French police on Tuesday have evacuated migrants from a makeshift camp near Dunkirk, in northern France, where at least 1,500 people gathered in hopes of making it across the English Channel to Britain. Migrants, including some families with young children, could be seen packing their few belongings as police were encircling the camp early Tuesday morning, on the site of a former industrial complex in Grande-Synthe, east of Dunkirk.

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