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World: North of Burkina: 53 deaths in the Sunday attack against gendarmes (new assessment)

Mortal Attack Against a Gendarmerie Detachment in Northern Burkina Faso

 Mortal Attack Against a Gendarmerie Detachment in Northern Burkina Faso © Olympia of police officers patrol at a gathering against the degradation of the security situation related to Jihadist attacks in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, On July 3, 2021. According to a temporary assessment, at least 19 Burkinabe gendarmes and a civilian died in an armed attack in the three border region, Burkina Faso. The authorities announced to be looking for survivors and attackers in this area where Burkina Faso fights Islamist activists.

Des gendarmes au Burkina Faso, en 2018 © Issouf Sanogo Gendarmes in Burkina Faso, in 2018

At least 49 gendarmes and four civilians were killed during the attack Perpetrated Sunday by alleged jihadists against a detachment from Inata Gendarmerie, in northern Burkina Faso, according to a new balance sheet communicated by the government spokesman on Wednesday.

"We can establish the following balance sheet: 49 deceased gendarmes, 4 civilians (killed). We have fortunately found 46 gendarmes", missing, indicated Ousséné drummed at the end of a ministerial council.

A previous balance sheet made state of 28 gendarmes and 4 civilians killed.

The number of deaths could still increase, the detachment of the Gendarmerie d'Inata, city of the Sahel region and close to the Mali border, consisting of about 150 men according to local sources.

North. Gendarmes parody "return to the future" and travel over time with a Delorean

 North. Gendarmes parody © Archives West-France The gendarmes of Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin (North) shared on Facebook a parody video of "Back to the Future " Photo Stock Illustration. The Daily-Lez-Haubourdin Daily Safety Police Brigade (North) made an unusual video. To celebrate the four years of his Facebook page, she made a parody video of "Back to the Future". We see the military traveling in time with a delorean. The parody video of the cult movie Back to the future is signed ...

This detachment was attacked Sunday by "an important number of armed individuals" circulating "on board several pickups and motorcycles", according to a safe source that spoke "long shots" between the attackers and the gendarmes .

This is one of the most deadly attacks against defense and security forces since Burkina Faso faces Jihadist actions, which began in this country six years ago.

Mr. Tamboura indicated that the commander of the armed forces of the northern sector of the country was dismissed from office, after this attack.

Burkina Faso has been facing regular and deadly jihadist attacks, particularly in the northern and eastern regions, in the so-called "three borders" zone, on the confines of Mali and Niger, two countries. confronted with the operations of armed jihadists.

The violence, sometimes mixed with intercommunal clashes, made about 2,000 deaths and forced 1.4 million people to flee their homes.

Tuesday, several hundred people participated in several cities of the country to demonstrations to demand the resignation of the executive for its "inability to end terrorist attacks".

A national mourning has been decreed in Burkina Faso since Tuesday until Thursday.


After the Burkina, new incident on the French convoy road in Niger .
© Olympia de Maismont A shielded vehicle of a French military convoy blocked in Kaya, November 20, 2021 in Burkina Faso the French military convoy Party of coast of ivory and going to Gao, Mali, by transiting by Burkina Faso and Niger, again blocked by demonstrators on Saturday in the Nigerian city of Tera (West) but has since taken back the road, learned L AFP to the staff.

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