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World: Burkina Faso: The still French military convoy blocked at the entrance of Kaya, the situation speaks

France clears extradition of Burkina ex-president's brother

  France clears extradition of Burkina ex-president's brother France on Friday cleared the extradition of Francois Compaore, the brother of Burkina Faso's former president, to his home country where he is wanted in connection with the murder of a prominent journalist. In 2020, Burkina Faso made a deal with France for his extradition. Compaore's lawyers said on Friday that their client was ready to face his country's judiciary "with dignity, honour and responsibility".But they added in a statement sent to AFP that he felt the extradition was politically motivated, and that the council had failed to take into account the risk of torture, inhumane treatment and of an unfair trial awaiting him.

Des militaires burkinabè patrouillent près d'une zone grillagée où sont retranchés les soldats français, le 20 novembre 2021. © Olympia of Maismont / AFP Soldiers Burkinabe patrolt near a grumbled zone where the French soldiers were removed from the 20th of November 2021.

The convoy of the French army is preparing to spend a third night in Kaya, a hundred kilometers from the city. After the failure of the mediation of the administrative authorities and politicians, French soldiers had to make summons to push the protesters.

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya BOUDANI

"The French army will retreat. She will not sleep tonight here. This is the announcement made in the afternoon by the governor of the North Center region at the protesters. Casimir Segueda asked them to release the passage to allow the French military convoy to turn back towards Ouagadougou.

Hundreds go missing in Burkina Faso amid extremist violence

  Hundreds go missing in Burkina Faso amid extremist violence FADA N'GOURMA, Burkina Faso (AP) — The last time Polenli Combary spoke to her son on the phone she prayed for God to bless him. Shortly after, she called back but the line was dead. Her 34-year-old son was returning a truck used to move the family's belongings from their village in eastern Burkina Faso after jihadis forced everyone to leave. He disappeared in March. “We will keep searching I’m just praying to God to have him back,” said Combary, 53, sitting despondently in the eastern city of Fada N’Gourma where she now lives.Islamic extremist violence is ravaging Burkina Faso, killing thousands and displacing more than 1 million people.And people are going missing.

Video: Burkina-Faso: The passage of a French military convoy (France 24)

according to an administrative authority attached on the spot, the protesters agreed to leave the convoy to the capital, But on the condition that the governor remains on site to supervise the decline. At the last moment, according to our source, the French soldiers have refused, because not having received instruction in this direction.

The military convoy fell in the garage of a mining company following the pressure of the populations that prevent its transit for Niger . Some protesters demand the inspection of the equipment transported in the containers.

"The situation could degenerate at any time here"

is always the status quo on the spot but the situation becomes more and more tense. According to witnesses, the French soldiers have made consideration fire in the face of the crowd that gathered around their parking zone.

The ranks of the protesters strengthened with the arrival of hundreds of other young people from several localities close to Kaya. "Young people came from Pissila, Louda, Boussouma, Tougouri. The situation could degenerate at any time here, "worries a local elected.

Niger-A French military convoy blocked, at least two dead .
Niger-France /: Niger-a French military convoy blocked, at least two dead by Boueima Balima and John Irish Paris, 27 November (Reuters) - at least 27 November Two people were killed and sixteen wounded Saturday in Western Niger during clashes between protesters and a French military convoy from Burkina Faso that protesters were trying to block, announced local authorities.

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