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World: Fishing: French fishermen advertise blockages for Friday

French police evacuates migrants from makeshift camp

  French police evacuates migrants from makeshift camp GRANDE-SYNTHE, France (AP) — French police on Tuesday have evacuated migrants from a makeshift camp near Dunkirk, in northern France, where at least 1,500 people gathered in hopes of making it across the English Channel to Britain. Migrants, including some families with young children, could be seen packing their few belongings as police were encircling the camp early Tuesday morning, on the site of a former industrial complex in Grande-Synthe, east of Dunkirk.

Brexit, Conflit, licences, pêche, manifestation © Sebastien Courdji / Xinhua Brexit, conflict, licenses, fishing, manifestation

u n "Semonce shot". French fishermen, who still have no news of their fishing licenses in British waters, due to the post- Brexit conflict between London and Paris , have decided to strike hard and set up a mobilization Friday November 26th. The French National Fisheries Committee has thus announced the blocking Friday of access to three ports of the handle and the tunnel under the handle for the goods.

"We do not want alms, we only want to recover our licenses. The United Kingdom must respect the post-Brexit agreement. Too many fishermen are still on the tile, "said Gérard Romiti, the President of the National Committee at a press conference. "It's been waiting for the open mouth"

France says it is still short of 150 post-Brexit fishing licences

  France says it is still short of 150 post-Brexit fishing licences France says it is still short of 150 post-Brexit fishing licences , Maritime Minister Annick Girardin said on Friday, holding out the prospect of financial compensation for affected fishermen as talks on the matter continue. © Reuters/STEPHANE MAHE A trawler sails off the fishing port in Granville Tension over the licences prompted both nations to dispatch maritime vessels off the shores of Jersey this year, with France briefly seizing in October a British fishing boat that had been in its waters.

Fishermen will block the arrival of the Ferrys in three ports of the Channel: Saint-Malo, Ouistreham and Calais. On Earth, they will also block the access of freight trucks to the freight terminal of the tunnel under the sleeve for a few hours. "It's been worth the open mouth. The patience of professionals has limits. We hope that this semonce shot will be heard, "added Gérard Romiti, excluding in the future" no action ".

to read also fishing: between France and the United Kingdom, which is led by boat? This movement is an answer to the "provocative" and "humiliating" attitude of the British. "This licensing issue is the tree that hides the forest: its resolution will depend on relations with the United Kingdom over the long term," he warned. While questioning the robustness of the European commitment alongside EU fishermen, he greeted "the ultimatum" launched Wednesday by the European Commission, which asked London to settle this litigation by the 10 December.

France vows to keep battling in fishing dispute with UK

  France vows to keep battling in fishing dispute with UK PARIS (AP) — France's minister of the sea vowed Sunday to “continue the fight” in the country's dispute with Britain over fishing rights. Minister Annick Girardin met with fishermen in northern France on Sunday. “We fight every day for these ships, for these licenses, and we will not give up,” she told reporters, criticizing the British interpretation of post-Brexit rules over fishing rights as “inadmissible.” Fishing is a tiny industry economically, but one that looms large symbolically for both Britain and France, which have long and cherished maritime traditions. The U.K.

Under the Brexit Agreement signed at the end of 2020 between

London and Brussels , European fishermen can continue to work in British waters as long as they can prove that they were before. But French and British compete with the nature and extent of the supporting documents. In total, since January 1, 2021, the France obtained "more than 960 licenses" fishing in the British waters and the Channel Islands, but Paris reclaims even more than 150 authorizations, according to the French Ministry of the Sea .

Camped in Calais, migrants renew resolve to try for England .
CALAIS, France (AP) — At the makeshift camps in France near Calais and Dunkirk, migrants are digging in, waiting for their chance to make a dash across the English Channel despite the deaths of at least 27 people this week when their boat sank a few miles (kilometers) from the French coast. Police have stepped up patrols in recent days and the weather has worsened, making this a bad time to attempt a crossing. But most migrants say the tragedy won’t prevent them from climbing into a flimsy inflatable boat packed with up to 50 people in hopes of reaching Britain.

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