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World: After the Burkina, new incident on the French convoy road in Niger

Wife of al-Qaida hostage pleads with captors for his release

  Wife of al-Qaida hostage pleads with captors for his release The wife of an American held hostage by Islamist militants in Africa criticized the U.S. government's response Wednesday and made a plea for the release of her husband. Els Woodke's husband, Jeffery Woodke, is a Christian humanitarian aid worker who was kidnapped in October 2016 in Niger, where he had worked for decades aiding nomadic peoples in the Sahel region. She has largely avoided public comments other than several pleas to the captor networks, as her family and U.S. officials worked quietly to bring him home -- but now she has decided to speak out.

Un véhicule blindé d'un convoi militaire français bloqué à Kaya, le 20 novembre 2021 au Burkina Faso © Olympia de Maismont A shielded vehicle of a French military convoy blocked in Kaya, November 20, 2021 in Burkina Faso

the French military convoy Party of coast of ivory and going to Gao, Mali, by transiting by Burkina Faso and Niger, again blocked by demonstrators on Saturday in the Nigerian city of Tera (West) but has since taken back the road, learned L AFP to the staff.

The convoy of nearly a hundred vehicles had already been blocked in Burkina for more than a week as a result of anti-French events. After negotiations with the organizers of these events, he had been able to resume his way for Niger where he arrived on Friday.

Twenty-five civilians killed in Niger's lawless west

  Twenty-five civilians killed in Niger's lawless west Suspected jihadists killed 25 civilians in Niger in a lawless desert region near the border with Mali, local officials said on Wednesday. An interior ministry statement said the attack on Tuesday in the town of Bakorat in the vast Tahoua desert region bordering Mali had killed 25 people, wounded one more, and scorched two vehicles. In another attack on Temaram in the same region, "unidentified armed individuals" also ransacked the town hall and a health centre, and plundered two money transfer shops, the ministry added.It said a security sweep was ongoing in those areas.

"The convoy stopped last night in Tera. This morning, when they wanted to resume their progress towards Niamey (200 km away, NDR), they were arrested by a thousand protesters and a violent group among them Attempted to seize trucks, "detailed the spokesman for the French staff, Colonel Pascal Ianni.

"The Nigerian security forces were on site and managed to keep the protesters away from the convoy with tear gas," he explained. But after a moment of calm, "around 10:30, the tension is rising in the thousand protesters. The Nigerian gendarmes and the French soldiers carried out summons", continued the spokesperson.

The convoy was finally able to leave will tear at midday and resume its progress towards Niamey. "We take all the precautions to secure the convoy and avoid tensions", assured Colonel Ianni, by firmly dismiting "false information" circulating on social networks that the French army killed dozens of Nigerian civilians in Tera .

Burkina Faso: The French military convoy left Kaya for Ouagadougou

 Burkina Faso: The French military convoy left Kaya for Ouagadougou © Olympia of Maismont / AFP Soldiers Burkinabe patrolt near a grilled area where French soldiers were entrenched on November 20, 2021. the day was tense around the base where the convoy of the French army has settled. Protesters tried to access the site. French soldiers carried out summons to move them away. The Governor of the Kaya Region went twice on the spot to try to defuse the crisis and allow the convoy to return to Ouagadougou.

Le président du Niger, Mohamed Bazoum (d), et le président français Emmanuel Macron, le 12 novembre 2021 à l'Elysée, à Paris © Ludovic Marin The President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum (D), and the French President Emmanuel Macron, on November 12, 2021 in the Elysee, in Paris

Critics with regard to the French military presence multiply in Niger , in Mali and Burkina Faso.

has been entering Burkinabe last week, the convoy was slowed down in its progression by protesters in Bobo Dioulasso (South-West), in the capital Ouagadougou (center) and then in Kaya, a hundred km in the northeast of the capital. Four protesters had been injured by bullet in indeterminate circumstances.

Several protesters accused French soldiers from carrying weapons for jihadist groups who have been terrorizing for years several countries of the Sahel and are fought on the ground by the French army as part of Operation Barkhane.

In this tense context, the president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, expressed on Friday night his "gratitude" towards France, of which he greeted "the sacrifices" in the countries of the Sahel.

Paris undertook in June to reorganize its military mechanism against jihadists in the Sahel, leaving, in particular, leaving the most northern basis of Mali (Kidal, Timbuktu and Tessalit) and planning to reduce its workforce in the region of here 2023 to 2,500-3,000 men, against more than 5,000 today.


Niger-A French military convoy blocked, at least two dead .
Niger-France /: Niger-a French military convoy blocked, at least two dead by Boueima Balima and John Irish Paris, 27 November (Reuters) - at least 27 November Two people were killed and sixteen wounded Saturday in Western Niger during clashes between protesters and a French military convoy from Burkina Faso that protesters were trying to block, announced local authorities.

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